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Posted on Friday, February 24, 2017...

Virginia Boy Scouts Clear Access for Fire Hydrants

Virginia Boy Scouts Clear Access for Fire Hydrants

Heidi Enninga, WDIO-TV
February 13, 2017 10:29 PM

Many Northland communities have been devastated by recent fatal fires includes Virginia, but a boy scout troop there pitched in to provide a potentially lifesaving service. 


About a dozen boy scouts from Troop 129 in Virginia/Britt and their parents gathered Monday night to adopt fire hydrants across town. Wyatt Phaneuf, the 16-year-old senior patrol leader said when a fire breaks out, every second counts. 


"When the firefighters go to a fire, they need time to put the fire out, not to clear snow away," Phaneuf said. 


Boy Scout Troop 129 in the Virginia area donated their time to clear fire hydrants of snow.


That's why the boy scout troops are donating their time now with the Hydrant Hero program. With safety vests on and shovels in hand, the boys scouted out fire hydrants. Without a three-foot radius cleared around the hydrants, families impacted by fire can suffer greater loss. 


"We'll be traveling around the city of Virginia, shoveling out fire hydrants that are covered with snow in neighborhoods where people can't shovel their own," Joel Spaeth, Scoutmaster with Troop 129 said. "This year we had plenty of snow, and so there was a need for shoveling this winter."


Even if it snows again, the work is meant to have a lasting impact. 


"It's good to help others, and they should get used to doing that for the rest of their lives," Phaneuf said. 


The boy scouts hope their work inspires those who can, to keep hydrants clear until the snow melts. The troop estimates that between all the scouts, they put in 30 man hours of community service. Link

(Via WDIO)