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Jun 20-21, 2011
Bemidji Day Camp

Dear Parents and Cub Scouts

Welcome to the Noopiming District Cub Scout Day Camp in Bemidji.  “Medieval Times”  Camp will be held at the Bemidji State Park, June 20th and 21st .  A reminder that if you are going to enter the park to drop off and pick up your son, you will need to purchase a park sticker at the main gate.  A day pass is $5 and a season pass is $25.   We will have scouts at the gate to escort your son to the Amphitheatre.

Registration begins at 8:30 am at the Amphitheatre.  Opening ceremony will begin at 9:00 am.  You will need to make sure you have your health form  prior to the start of camp activities.  Youth will not be allowed to participate in any Day Camp activities without these forms being turned into the Day Camp Staff!!  If your son needs to take medication during camp hours, he must have an order for medication signed by you.  The camp medical personnel will store all medications.  Without this permission slip, no medication can be given by any staff member.  Clearly mark all medication with your son’s name and pack number.  Also all medication must be in the original bottle with name, dose and how frequent it is to be taken.

Closing ceremony on both days will begin at 4:00.  Monday please arrive before 4:30 to pick up your son.  Tuesday the boys will be performing their skits during closing ceremony beginning at 4:00, Parents are invited to watch.

Early Departure:  If your son needs to leave camp early, please have him turn in a permission slip (signed by you telling us when he will be leaving the camp and who is allowed to pick him up.)  Under no circumstances will any boy be allowed to leave camp early without this permission slip nor will he be allowed to leave with anyone other than the person you listed on the permission slip.

Lunch:  Your son needs to bring lunch and a beverage.  Keep in mind that we are at the park, lunch should be packed in a hard container such as a lunch box or cooler, do not bring lunch in a paper or plastic bag.  Also, there is no refrigeration at the park and it could be warm, so a cooler is recommended.  We will be providing one snack each day.  If you feel your son need more than one, please send one with him.

Clothing and Equipment:  The official uniform for camp will be the Day camp T-shirt.  They will be distributed to participants on Monday morning.  All boys are encouraged to bring a raincoat in case of rain and a jacket or sweatshirt in case of cooler weather.  Please label all belongings with the boy’s name and pack number.  Please pack a water bottle for your son.  Drinking water will be available at the camp to refill their bottles, it may be hot and we encourage the boys to drink a lot of water throughout the day.  The boys will need to wear shoes, No sandals.  Many of the activities we do throughout the day are active.

Other Important Information:

  • You or whomever you authorize will be asked to sign your son out at the end of each day.
  • Please have your son wear sunscreen and bug spray (reapplying during the day is a great idea) and encourage him to drink plenty of water during camp.
  • In the event of rain, camp will still be conducted.  If the weather is severe, camp may be cancelled for the day.  Please listen to local radio stations for an announcement regarding cancellation.
  • In case you need to get a hold of the camp for an emergency, please contact the Voyageurs Area council Service Center at (218)729-5811 or (800)939-5811, the camp has a cell phone and will be contacted.  Please list all possible numbers where you can be reached on your son’s health form.
  • The camp Trading Post will be part of a station; the boys will be able to purchase items.

We are looking forward to seeing you at camp.  We know it will be a fun experience.


Camp Checklist

  1.  Health form
  2. Parent permission slip for BB guns/Archery
  3. A signed Order for medication, if your son needs medication at camp.
  4. A signed permission slip with the name of the person allowed to pick up your son at camp, if leaving early.
  6. Bag Lunch, in a hard container.  A cooler is recommended.
  7. Cold weather clothes
  8. Wet weather clothes
  9. Backpack for carrying items from station to station.



Melissa Kuznia, Camp Director



Day Camp is coming soon!  We are hard at work finishing up the last few details for camp. I just wanted to send you a letter informing you about what to expect at camp.


  1. All boys who registered for camp have been sent a letter. If you know of any scout that has not received a letter please give his parents the enclosed sample, and call me to make sure he is on the list.
  2. Check in begins at 8:30am.  Please be at camp by 8:15 to be ready for the boys.
  3. Registration will be at the ampitheater.  There will be a clip board there with schedules, maps and an attendance sheet.  Please be at the ampitheater at 8:30 to take attendance for your group.  – OPENING FLAG will begin at 9:00, with stations beginning at 9:15.
  4. Bring a watch
  5. No Smoking or Swearing!
  6. Please do NOT bring extra children as they are not covered by insurance and are distracting to the group. It is also hard because they want to participate at the stations and we do not have money in our budget for extra supplies.
  7. Camp T-shirt is a uniform and should be treated as such!
  8. *This year all day camp staff is required to do Youth Protections Training online and bring your certificate with you to camp.  Go to  to do this training.


As a walker, you and other walkers are responsible for a group of up to 10 scouts. Remember that you may have scouts from other packs in your group. We have 8 groups and about 80 boys so each pack cannot have a group to themselves. It is a great way to meet other boys and parents and share ideas.


You will be taking the group to each of their stations and helping out at the station. You will be informed of any medical concerns for scouts in your group. We have a first aid station located in the Picnic Shelter by the water front.

        If you have a problem with a scout or anyone else, contact one of the staff members listed at the bottom of this page. DO NOT let one person’s behavior ruin it for the rest of your group!!!

 If you have any questions or would like to help set up camp, you are welcome to come out. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me before camp at 751-2952 or   I will be available by phone, so please leave a message and I will give a call back ASAP if I don’t answer.

        We are very excited about camp. Come prepared with a smile and energy to spare so we can make it an adventure that the boys will remember forever!

        Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy lives to come and make Day Camp a success. We can’t do it without you!!! Day Camp is run by volunteers that want to give scouts experiences that will help shape them into confident, well rounded, young men.

        We will be meeting at the park Sunday evening at 6pm for a short informational meeting, please join us.  You are welcome to bring your families.


***Reminder, bring a bagged lunch. No refrigeration available***

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