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Jun 17-18, 2011
Eveleth Day Camp

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!

Calling all Cub Scouts, Parents, and Leaders,

            A call has gone out across the country looking for all young Knights who are interested in testing their skills on the field.  Lord Baden Powell requests your presence on behalf of his Majesty, King Patrick, at the Cub Scout Day Camp.  This grand tournament will be held in the countryside of Camp Chicagami (located at 3755 Scout Cap Road in Eveleth) on June 17 and 18, 2011.

            We ask that all Knights, Squires, and Scouts be in attendance between the times of 8:00 to 8:45 AM on both days.  The lead Squire of your group is asked to see the Kings Advisor for Registration/Check-In between those times.  The Opening Procession will begin at 8:45 AM.  Closing of the Tournament will be at 4:00 PM on both days.

            Come Rain or Shine us Knights will be there with full valor in our hearts to make merry on the Field of Tournament!

            The King and his Advisor ask that all young Knights and Squires bring the following supplies for their journey:

v  Items to break thy fast (A non-perishable lunch)

v  A Water Skin (Water bottle/Canteen)

v  Potions of protection (Sunscreen and non-aerosol insect repellent)

v  A visor of non-metal material for thy head (A baseball hat or cap for sun protection)

v  Felted covering for thy feet (Comfortable shoes-no sandals)

v  A coin purse with shillings to be used at the Market (Money for the Trading Post)

v  Healer Form (Medicine Order Form for any Prescription Medications required during Camp)

v  Herbs and curative items (Prescription Medications in original container w/Pharmacy Label on it)

v  A satchel (A backpack to carry everything in)

v  Ammunition for Catapult (Egg Drop for Day 2)

            Everything must be labeled with the Knights name and Pack that they belong to.  Please bring the needed coverings, as the tournament will commence either Rain or Shine.  Portable Ice Houses will not be provided so please bring one yourself to store your food.  It is important to sign the permission slip allowing young Knights to participate in the Shooting Sports Events (Archery and BB Gun stations).  If one is not signed, the Scout will not be allowed to participate.

            If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the King’s Advisor (Camp Director), Heather Tomczak at [Click for member's page] or call Brandon at 218-393-9784.

With warm regards,

Heather Tomczak, Camp Director and Brandon Towne, District Director.


Calling All Knights!

King Patrick is sending forth a call for all young Knights who wish to test their skills in the annual ammunition-making contest for the catapult.


We ask that all Knights follow the “Rules of Engagement” to make it a fun and fair competition:


v The container must be no bigger than 6”x6”.

v A raw egg, not a cooked one, must be used in the container.

v Pack the container with some sort of material so your egg will survive the shot.

  • (Newspaper, moss, popcorn, etc.  Please no housing insulation)

v Do not attach the egg to anything.

v Place the name of the Knight and the Pack they belong to on it.

v Bring the ammunition with you on SATURDAY.

A catapult will launch the Eggs on Saturday afternoon!  Good luck to all you young Knights! 


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