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Boundary Waters District Newsletter

Voyageurs Area Council - BSA

August 2015



Key Three

District Chair                                                                  Bill Beyer                                              [Click for member's page]

District Commissioner                                                    Terry Tilton                                          [Click for member's page]

District Executive                                                           Bret Alexander                                     [Click for member's page]




Hello Fellow Scouters,


My name is Kurt Peterson, Cubmaster for Pack 103 in Eveleth/Gilbert.  I am also this year's Popcorn Kernal.  Summer is winding down and that means it is soon popcorn fundraising time.   I know that this is everybody's favorite part of Scouting!

All kidding aside, I understand that doing the popcorn fundraising can difficult and at times extremely frustrating.  In order to smooth out these rough moments and answer any questions that you might have, come join us at this year's training being held this coming Thursday the 13th at 7:00 PM at Our Saviors Lutheran church in Virginia. 

If you have any questions, frustrations, or concerns, come join with us at training. You just might learn something new that will make it a better popcorn year and I could only hope that I would learn something from you.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Kurt Peterson 

Cubmaster Pack 103

218 290-7789 



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How do I get this device for my youth you ask?  Come to the Popcorn training Thursday, August 13 at 7 pm at Our Savior’s Lutheran in Virginia to find out!


I can't believe it is August already!  Summer goes much too quickly.  I would love to hear from units on what they did over their summer vacation.   I'm sure many attended Day Camp and/or Webelos Action Camp, Troops went to summer camp whether it was Wilderness, Many Points or Tomahawk.  Some were even camp counselors.  Units took part in local parades and performed service projects for their communities. Did you know that two youth from our district recently returned from World Jamboree in Japan?  We also had two leaders attend World Jamboree as staff.  Speaking of Jamboree - In less than two short years the 2017 National Jamboree will be upon us and the time to sign up is NOW!  Registration needs to be done through the National website but you can get there from the   website or visit Link  A Scout must be 13 and First Class to attend Jamboree but that means a youth that is a second year Webelos now will be ready for 2017 Jamboree. 
We also had two people from our district attending NOAC, the National Order of the Arrow Conference, with 15,000 other Arrowmen, which took place in East Lansing, Michigan.  The opportunities available for Scouts is amazing, be sure to visit the website often and share what you find there.

Get your Scouting on and ready for fall recruitment.  Jen Larson is our School Night Chair and she has been working diligently with the schools to make the event smooth and easy for Cubmasters and coordinators.  Let's give every youth the opportunity to experience the program.

Kurt Peterson seems to be our busiest leader these days with the "Fun with Son" program as well as being our Popcorn Kernal.  Fun with Son on Saturday, September 26 is run like a mini day camp designed to give brand new Cubs an exciting experience.  Although it is geared for new Cubs, all are invited.  Running simultaneously with Fun with Son will be the Fall Camporee where Boy Scouts will help run the Cub stations during the day on Saturday.

On top of the program the district puts together for you, you should be planning your calendar with your unit.  Remember:  Fail to plan and plan to fail.   Have a fabulous Scouting year!

Lee Iverson


Hello Everyone,

Well, the summer is almost over and the busy Scouting season is getting ready to kick into high gear.  I want to thank Kurt Peterson for his commitment to the role of District Kernel and all the time he has put in to learn his duties and responsibilities and for being a resource for everyone during the popcorn sale.   I would also like to thank Jen Larson for chairing the School Night for Scouting Program.  These efforts ensure that we offer scouting to every boy in every school in our district and throughout the council, and makes sure the Scouting tradition can continue.  Please offer what you can to them as they help provide vital resources for the entire Range.

The International Wolf Center in Ely, who already facilitates some scouting requirements is now up to speed and prepared to offer resources for the new Cub Scout Program.  The IWC was fortunate to have an Eagle Scout intern with them this summer who help to re-develop what they offer to Scouting.  You can check out what the Wolf Center does at Link, however their site has not yet been updated for the new Cub Scout portion, so you can call them at 218-365-4695 and ask for Kelly Godfrey to discuss what they offer.  The Bear Center in Ely is planning to develop their own offerings to Scouting for 2016 and the Discovery Center in Chisholm is already working on similar efforts that should be available this fall.  The development of these resources is part of the Youth Advocacy and Strategic Relationships initiative of our council’s strategic plan and we are looking for someone in the Boundary Waters District to take over the expansion and oversite for these projects.   If you want to know more, have questions, or want to give feedback about this, please contact me. 

Also, don’t forget that Northern Tier High Adventure Base is facilitating a Cub Scout Family Camp in August from the 21st-23rd.  You can visit to register or to find out more. 

I am looking forward to visiting with all of you this fall, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.  218-393-9784 [Click for member's page]

Yours in Service,

Bret Alexander




On Thursday, September 17th we will have our annual Fall Cub Scout Kick-off across all the elementary schools in our District.  Details will be given out at the Round Table on Thursday, August 13th - 7:00 p.m. at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Virginia.  The format, as I understand it, will be much the same as in the previous year. We will not be asking the parents to do anything more than get their son signed up for the new year ($8 registration for four months - Sept through December 2015 and $4 for four months of Boys Life - TOTAL REGISTRATION OF $12.  Each unit will need to have a calendar put together to hand out to the parents and that is the work of this month of August and your Pack Committee.  An ideal calendar would go through next May 2016 for Pack events but you will certainly need one through this fall to alert the parents to the schedule. Also, every well run unit (pack, troop, and post) should have a budget planned for the new program year.  That is a little difficult for the Packs as they do not know exactly how many boys will be registering but certainly by the end of September it MUST be done.  More especially if you are using popcorn sales money for running the unit.


Our Kick-off is this coming Thursday, August 13th at the Round Table.  Every unit should have a representative present (Popcorn Kernel).  I hope every unit will want to do the SHOW AND SELL ADVANCE ORDER.   This is a great way to make a sale, collect the money and give them the product all in one stop.  This kind of selling will automatically increase your sales volume by at least 15% or more. 


Each Cub Scout unit needs to make a decision....When do we ask for adults to sign-up?   My preference is to make the expectation from the beginning (SIGN UP NIGHT) that a Cub Scout needs an adult to sign-up with them.  Units who do this, not only have more adults participating in the Cub Pack Committee, but raise the expectation that every parent has something they can do to help make the Pack successful......even if it is only to provide some transportation or organize the Blue and Gold banquet.  Those units that make this expectation always do better, have more help and have better morale concerning how the Pack runs with more help available and expected from every family of boy in the Scouting program.


Although it cannot be announced at this time, it is expected that your District Commissioner will be stepping down soon and a new man will be on board.  I will continue to give my assistance and work with units as needed to strengthen their program.   We are looking at a new Explorer Post at the Hibbing Fire and Ambulance Department shortly and within the year another one in Virginia. We also need to grow some new units -- troops in Iron and Chisholm.  So there is lots of work to do.


Hi Scout Leaders,

My name is Jen Larson, Cubmaster of Pack 13, in Hibbing, and this year’s School Night Coordinator.  Yes, that’s right. It’s that time of year again, to head to our local schools and get boys excited about scouting.  School Night is September 17th 6:30-7:30.  We are coordinating a council wide recruitment night, like we did last year.

 Rocket into Scouting is the theme for the event, with every boy that signs up on Scout Night receiving a rocket.   Bret will distribute the rockets, shortly after all the applications are turned in from Scout Night.  On the 17th after the sign up is over, one volunteer from each school will also be asked to call me and report the number of kids signed up.   All applications and payments are due to the council by the evening of Monday, September 21.   Our School Night packets will be distributed over the next month. 

For a successful School Night, plan at least 3-4 volunteers from your pack to assist with sign up and activities.  Possible ideas for the event are having a gathering activity for the boys with 1-2 volunteers, while the other volunteers assist with talking to the parents.   Keep in mind you may have a mixture of parents that were Scouts in their youth and parents that know nothing about the Scout program.   Have Den and Pack meeting times and locations to hand out to the parents, along with the Pack Schedule, or at least a rough outline, for the year.  

Remember to have a smile on and positive attitude.  Smiles are contagious.

Jen Larson,

School Night Coordinator



Cubmaster - Pack 13

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