Primary responsibilities included below. For a complete description attend the SNTJS training.

- Serve as Emcee of recruitment night
- Set up room along with Pack representatives
- Collect applications and fees
- Secure signatures on applications
- Turn in applications to district turn in location
- Attend training

- Be briefed by staff on data to collect from unit leaders turning in application
- Staff a location or locations
- Communicate with units that will be turning in at location(s) prior to turn-in to ensure they know times, locations, and contact information should something come up.
- Collect applications
- Deliver applications to location agreed upon with district school night chair &/or staff or call professional partner by 9pm.

- Plan calendar prior to school night
- Attend Boy Talks with professionals when possible
- Recruit peer to peer with social media, phone calls, etc
- Recruit Den Leaders prior to 9/15
- Present 15 minutes of what the pack does & include 1 page of pack program; key contacts; upcoming dates