Patrol Leaders’ Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What if I am asked questions about Boy Scouts or Voyageurs Area Council and I don’t know the answers?

A: The Council's websiteExternal Link is a great source of information about our programs as well as other information on our past and present.  We would love for you to ask us anytime about the ways we’re positively impacting the lives of children and their families every day throughout the nineteen counties we serve. 

Your Senior Patrol leader, Chris James, is the chief volunteer in the Voyageurs Area Council and is an excellent resource.  Your Assistant Senior Patrol Leader is a past president  of the council. Another way to get the answers you need is to call any of the staff at the Scout Service Center and just. . . ask.

Q: When should I start inviting my guests?

A:  Start now.  Three to four weeks is a good lead-time for an event such as this, so please don’t delay starting.  With this said, because we are only asking for an hour of people’s time, don’t worry if you get a late start – we’re not asking for a large commitment.

Q: What if most of the people I want to invite work during the time of the breakfast?

A:  We know how valuable your time is, and that of your guests.  Many employers will allow some flexibility for employees to arrive a little late to work considering the good cause they are supporting.  We plan to stick closely to our agenda, which will enable most guests to be on the way to their cars by 8:30 am.

Q: What if more than 7 of the people I invite attend?

A:  GREAT!  We will do our best to seat your additional guests at a table near you.  Either way, the morning is going to be a lot of fun and they will have a good time wherever they sit.

Q: Where is the breakfast?

A:  It is at Duluth's Bayfront, just off of Railroad street and convenient for those working downtown.

Q: What makes this event unique?

A:  Our breakfast event, “Scout C.A.M.P.,” is unique for several reasons: (1) There is no cost to attend, and no minimum or maximum contribution required. (2) There are no traditional invitations being sent, we are relying on the personal touch of each of you to invite your guests over the phone or in person. (3) We are not asking for a lot of time, and promise that our hour will be inspirational, educational and most definitely a lot of fun.  (4) We guarantee that when people discover what Scouting is doing for children, they will be WOWed.


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