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Scout C.A.M.P.

Voyageurs Area Council Annual Free One-Hour Ask Event Plan

Duluth, Tuesday, August 30, 7:30 to 8:30 am

7:00    Patrol Leader Rally

           Staff, RMM members, patrol leaders, boy greeters and members arrive

           Patrol leaders check in

                  Senior Patrol Leader (Chris James) distributes packets to patrol leaders

                  Reminders: timing of pledge form distribution; get guests to seats; guests who take home pledges

           Start slides and/or Scout videos (______________)

7:10    Guests start to arrive

Scouts line entryway and greet guests; make eye contact with them, “Thank you for coming to Scout camp”

Scout greeters meet guests at door to hand a program, and direct to table

           Patrol leaders welcome guests and seat them at tables

              Caterers with Scout support have all food on table by 7:20

7:25    Notice

           stop slides/music 

           from front left podium: Master of Ceremony ___________ gives a 5-minute notice to take seats

           greeters, color guard, and “Thanks for Coming” Scouts gather in hallway


7:30    Welcome  

           flag presentation caller moves to front right podium

           from front left podium: ___ thanks everyone for coming, introduces self

           acknowledge patrol leaders, tells them that the compasses on table are a small thank you

           ask everyone to stand for flag presentation; Boy Scouts post the colors

7:32    Flag Ceremony

           ___________ moves to side staging

           from front podium: caller directs presentation, pledge and Scout Oath

           “Thanks for Coming” Scouts get on front stage, and provide flag ceremony.


7:37   “Thanks for Coming”

           from front staging: Tom thanks color guard and coaches youth Scouters with their scripts

           Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer , Eagle Scout

7:41    Invocation

           _______ introduces __________ for invocation

7:42    Eat and Socialize, SWAPs 

           MC invites guests to take a few minutes to enjoy their breakfast

                 calls attention to vignettes, and to the SWAPS being passed around by boys

                 invites guests to share Scout memories

           restart slides/music

           Scouts pass out swaps; say to each guest “Thank you for coming to our breakfast.”

7:49    Visionary Leader’s Comments

           stop slides/music

           project stills

           from front left podium: SE introduces past, present and future facts; invoke emotion and urgency

           what’s unique about the organization and why does it need support

           Introduce video

7:54    Show video: _________________

           Lights and video; queue ______________ go to front podium

8:04    First Testimonial: Camp

           from front podium: When lights come up __________ introduces self and begins speech


8:10    Second Testimonial: The Eagle Scout Award

           from front podium: When applause ends, _________ begins speech: Eagle project

           _________ walks up to podium


8:16    Pitch

           Chris walks audience through the pledge sheet and provides a personal ask.

           include time for guests to fill out the card and pass in to the patrol leader.  

           Patrol leaders collect the pledge envelops.

8:25   Closing

         ___________thanks guests again for their attendance and support.

“I hope that you were moved by our story – like we are every day, and – if you weren’t already a friend of Boy Scouts that we’ve made you one today.” 

Thanks Patrol leaders and reminds them to give their envelopes to _____________.

Encourages guests to wear “My day began at Scout Camp” stickers and share their experience with others. 


           Emcee invites guests stand if their lives have been touched by Scouting and them to join Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and staff to sing Scout Vespers

           Words are on back of program, sing to tune of “Oh, Christmas Tree”

           Ends with, “May the great Master of all Scouts be with us ‘till we meet again.”

8:30    As event ends

           Restart slides/music

           Collect envelopes from patrol leaders and thank them for coming; Chat with lingering guests

           Pick up materials and load cars

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