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Scout C.A.M.P Breakfast

Patrol Leader Initial Checklist

Breakfast is Tuesday, August 30, 2011 @ Duluth's Bayfront. 7 a.m. PL gathering. Guests and breakfast from 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

As soon as you agree to become a Patrol Leader:

q   Mark your calendar for important dates for Patrol Leaders; a separate sheet shows them all.

q   Make a list of about 20 invitees to sit with you at your table.  These are the people you plan to talk to – they won’t all agree to attend.  Think about people you know in your neighborhood, family, friends, people at “the club,” business associates, and well . . . anyone you know that you think cares about children and may be interested in hearing about them growing strong. 

Notes to self on who to invite:

As time goes on. . .:

q   Talk to each person about the event.  You may want to begin the conversation by explaining your relationship or involvement with Scouts – why are you passionate about it?  Here is some suggested wording you might want to use in inviting your guests:

“Hello, ___________, I am inviting you to join me at my table at a special Scout event called ‘Scout C.A.M.P.’  This is a free fund-raising breakfast for people to come and learn more about Scouts and, believe me, the Voyageurs Area Council has found a wonderful way to present it.  Yes, it is a fundraiser, too.   You will be asked to consider making a contribution.  There is no maximum and no minimum gift requested.  It will be the job of the Boy Scouts to inspire you to want to give.  As much as anything, we want people to come and find out about the great work Scouting is doing today, and how they’re creating the leaders of tomorrow.  I would be delighted if you could join me.”

q   Secure 10 concrete “yes”es.  Get them excited – the more excited you can get them the easier your job will be because … your job is to get nine of them to actually attend (you will be the tenth person at your table).   Record information on the Guest List form {need link}, including people you asked that wish they could make it but cannot.

q   Send each person who has agreed to attend an e-mail reminder.  {link to template for e-mail reminder}


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