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The development committee has the responsibility to assure that the Voyageurs Area Council stays financially solid. It leads the fundraising efforts of the council. To support an annual budget of nearly $800,000 fundraising is an important function. Fundraising is done for both short term and long range activities. The Resources and Finance pillar also manages the physical assets of the council including camps, offices and fixtures, vehicles, and the endowment. There are six sub-committees.

Friends of Scouting (FOS)- The council conducts an annual financial support campaign comprised of two teams: Family Friends of Scouting and Community Friends of Scouting. Volunteers in all communities across our council conduct unit presentations and face-to-face solicitations to community leaders, businesses, civic groups, Scouters, friends, and families.  This campaign is the base of the financial resources needed to keep Scouting strong and vibrant. FOS committees are organized at the council, district and community levels.

The Special Events Committees- has the responsibility to organize and carry out events such as the Jamar Golf Classic, the Holiday Social, and other council and district fundraising events.

The Popcorn Sale Committee- This group of volunteers helps with the annual popcorn fundraiser. This fundraiser provides 32% of the councils operating budget, but more importantly nearly all of our pack and troop operating budgets.  Volunteers help organize and promote the sale, sort popcorn at the warehouse, and train leaders on how to run effective popcorn sales in their units.

The Investment Advisory Committee- This Group made up primarily of Council Board members, directs the investment activities of the council, primarily related to Endowment Funds. The Endowment fund is made up of monies donated to create a sustaining income for Scouting in general or specific aspects of council operations and provides an annual return to the operating budget.

Endowment Committee- works to secure funds for the Endowment to support its growth and future sustainability.

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