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Staff and Service Center Reorganizations

The Scout Service Center will be closed on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 as the staff begins some physical and organizational transitions in our service to the community, our chartered organizations, and their volunteers. There may be additional periods of transition and perhaps days that necessitate closing all or a portion of the Service Center.

Donna Hickok retains her title of administrative assistant. Following a minor remodeling of the field service room, Donna will report to Rory O'Donnell and be the primary administrative support staff member to the field staff; Commissioner staff; the Dynamic and Relevant Program; Youth Advocacy and Strategic Relationships; Building the Brand; Leadership Excellence and Culture Committees. Donna will office in the field room in this administrative role.

Susan Meyer assumes the title of Customer Service Representative. Her desk will be in the office previously held by Donna Hickok. Susan will report directly to David Nolle. In addition to Scout Shop duties, Susan will primarily support the Impact and Participation Committee.

Ben Mahlke, who was recently promoted to the position of Development Director, will occupy the office previously held by Susan Berg. Susan Berg will report to Ben and provide direct support to the Scout executive. Susan's new title will be as executive assistant. Her primary assignments will include support for all components of the Resources and Finances; Innovation and Technology, and Governance. Susan will office in the Braff Resource Room.

The Manager (Office Manager/Accounting Specialist) position has been eliminated.

We are adjusting our automated telephone attendant system such that calls placed to the general line 218-729-5811 will be answered immediately by the auto attendant and offer a) hours; b) a connection to Donna for event and activity inquiries; c) Sue Meyer for store related questions; d) Susan Berg for development and fiscal items; and e) "all other items" will connect with one of our front line staff members who will help meet their need or connect them with the right person to meet their need. As has been available since 2010 - all staff still have direct dial numbers for those choosing to not use the switchboard. Access the directory here: 

Toll Free Number - Due to costly outside attacks to our telephone system through attempts made against our toll-free number, our toll free number will be disconnected. I intend to keep this number disconnected until it can be determined that there is sufficient demand for a central toll-free line, Those with limited toll access can check via e-mail, text or telephone with the person they wish to reach. Each staff member has an unpublished toll-free number to be shared with those who need this access. As these are unpublished - if they should become the target of attack, they will be able to be quickly changed.

Renovation Summary:  

  1. The customer service counter will move to be perpendicular and adjacent to the entrance door to the Scout Shop. Certain fixtures will move to different locations in the store. The council properties committee is making strategic evaluations to all of our properties including the service center. One consideration is an updating of the Scout Shop with new fixtures, adjusted floor plans, and the addition of a changing room among other things.
  2. The field room will become a more organized and professionally presented work-space with four total work areas and a small meeting area. An effort has been made in the design to eliminate ad hoc meetings that are disruptive to others work-flow. Rather, the small meeting area as well as the opportunity to schedule any of our four our group meeting areas should help as staff and volunteers alike strive to make the most of our limited resources.
  3. The development director's office will include a small meeting table.
  4. Longer term revisions to our physical plant, that may be triggered by a shop renovation, could include the addition of a central filing room, and the conversion of the reception area into a copy/mail/work-room.
  5. Storage Areas have been added to the back of the Jamar Base (aka "The Garage") under the volunteer leadership of John Werner and funded in part by our Order of the Arrow Lodge. This freed up storage inside the service center as well as in the Jamar Base.

We appreciate your patience as the adjustments are implement over the coming weeks.



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