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Employee Recogntion - Order of the Blue Vase - Nominations Requested

The order of the Blue Vase is an honor and recognition awarded to a staff member of the Voyageurs Area Council.  The recipient is selected by peers to receive this recognition based on demonstrated ability to achieve more than what might normally be expected.  This team member rises above obstacles and frustrations that inhibit other people. 

They are a “Go-Getter.”

A Blue Vase recipient is someone who through determination, team spirit, attitude, and ability, has delivered more than might have been expected.

Her untiring persistence marks her as one who gives 110%. His dedication to the highest ideals of Scouting sets him as an example for us all.

To nominate a staff member for the Blue Vase Award please notify [Click for member's page] with your nominee’s name and a brief description of why you believe that they are a “Go-Getter”

Please submit your nomination, in writing, to [Click for member's page]  by Tuesday, January 6, 2016. Eligible for consideration are all employees of the Voyageurs Area Council during the year 2015, thus Rory O’Donnell would also be eligible for consideration in addition to our current staff. Any Scouter may nominate a potential recipient for peer review and consideration. Past recipients are eligible for nomination, however consideration will be given to those who have not previously be recognized.

Mr. Peter B. Kyne authored the Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How To Be OneExternal Link.  It is a story about two men, Alder P. Ricks, referred to as Cappy by his associates and William E. Peck, who met the challenge of the Blue Vase.

William Peck, “Bill” was determined to work for Cappy Ricks of Rick Enterprises.  Bill, by general appearance, was not the most impressive man Cappy had interviewed, but Bill literally talked his way into Rick Enterprises as a salesman.  Because of Bill’s determination and personal confidence in his ability to do a better job than had been done before and because he demonstrated his ability to perform, Cappy presented him with a challenge that would prove Bill’s capability.   And thus, the Test of the Blue Vase.

Cappy gained a voluntary commitment from Bill to pick up a particular antique blue vase which Cappy wanted to use as a supposed anniversary gift.  What Bill did not realize when he accepted this menial task was that every conceivable obstacle has been set against him and he was about to embark on a journey that would lead to the realm of those who achieve more and gain the rewards commiserated to greater responsibility or to the realm of those who do what is expected of them most of the time.

The store where he was to purchase the vase was not within several blocks of where he had been told it was - he found it after it was closed.  The name of the store had been changed.  The owner’s name was misspelled – he still located the owner’s home only to find him out.  With time running short and no other means of getting that particular vase from the store window, his determination paid off.  He located the owner personally, gained his commitment to open the store and sell him the blue vase.  However, when Bill finally held the vase in his hand and the personal pride of achievement welled through his body, the owner of the store told Bill the price of the vase.  Its cost was so far above what Bill had anticipated that he did not have the necessary amount with him and the owner would only accept full payment in cash.  Now, with the banks closed and Bill being unknown in the area, he was confronted with a new dilemma and the owner was not going to wait long.

Needless to say, by this time Cappy had left and Bill had not come through.  But when Mr. Cappy Ricks arrived for the anniversary, there stood Bill, blue vase in hand and ready to deliver.

William E. Peck went on to become one of the most important executives of Rich Enterprises.  And I am sure he too looked for the men and women who would qualify for the honor of the Blue Vase.

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