Steven (Steve) Jaffee joins council as Boundary Waters District Executive

Scout Executive David Nolle is proud to announce that Eagle Scout Steve Jaffee has joined the council on December 30 as the Boundary Waters District Executive.

As a business major at Holy Cross College (South Bend, IN), Steve served as an assistant to the vice-president of advancement. in this role he led the Partners in Success Program of fund development, served as a adviser to a group of students studying in Ghana, and provided general administrative support. 

Steve held a leadership role in the development and funding of a high school in Ghana while serving as a teacher with Holy Cross Brothers in Ghana, West Africa. 

In addition to being an Eagle Scout from the Northern Star Council, Steve brings a variety of experiences related to team development and leadership to our Boundary Waters district. 

Steve will be relocating from Indiana soon after the first of the year. Please welcome me in welcoming Steve Jaffee to the Voyagers Area Council team!  Steve can be contacted at: or 218-729-5811.


David A. Nolle
Scout Executive/CEO