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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dear Mr. Nolle,

            I would like to thank all of the leaders and volunteers of Voyageurs Area Council. This thank you is for what I get to experience as Lodge Adviser in working with our Order of the Arrow Lodge in Voyagers Area Council.

            I tell many people that I have the greatest volunteer position in Scouting. I say this, because I get to work with your great youth; I have the opportunity to advise the greatest young men of our area. All I can give them is a chance to continue leadership in what I feel is the greatest youth development program in the world; you have all done the hardest part of the job already. Just as the most important part of building a skyscraper is digging the hole and building the foundation, so too is building our youth’s leadership foundation!

            Too often we only see the 110 story Willis (Sears) Tower Building as the finished product. We forget the progress from 1970 when the first dirt was turned through 1972 when it was completed. When the project was started, there was just a hole in the ground. Progress was not glorious while the foundation was being built. Even as the building’s framework was going up, the structure had limited appeal. When people go to Chicago today, however, they see a great building. They may even go to The Ledge to experience the grandeur of the tower more fully.

            I get to be part of the greatness of your youth leadership, because all of you built that foundation.

            This past weekend, September 6, 7, and 8, our lodge hosted the Central Region, Area 1, Section A Order of the Arrow Conclave at Charles L. Sommers’

Canoe Base in Ely, MN. Your youth conducted the registration, facilities management, and served in key staff positions for the event.

            Over the course of the weekend, although I was the recipient of several compliments, the credit needs to go to you (their leaders) and the adults that gave of their time. Most of all, the credit goes to your youth leaders. You, because without your foundation, these youth would not have been available. The adults, because there are so many things that have age restrictions. Most of all, the credit goes to the great youth leaders of Voyageurs Area Council and Ka’niss Maingan Lodge.

            It is always my wish for you to see what these great young men can accomplish when we, adults, allow them to use the skills you have worked so hard to teach them. As we grow our lodge, we will be adding chapter level leadership opportunities as well.

            I am honored to be a small part in the continuing development of your great youth leaders. Please keep up the good work!

Yours in scouting,

Chuck Ensign

Lodge Adviser

Ka’niss Maingan Lodge.

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