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Innovation and Technology

Since my last update, I found myself sick for a week. My work computer was out of service for over two weeks. The spare computer is a spare for reason. My Smart phone suddenly decided to become a 'dumb' phone and no longer connect to our e-mail and calendar server.  That made for some challenging times in how I do my job. It did not stop me, however. The telephone still worked. I was still able to visit with folks face-to face. In fact, the whole experience humbled me a bit. It reminded me that the best interactions happen in person.

Social Media in today's non-profits

Along those lines. I found that Facebook was becoming more and more of a time sink for me. It was disrupting my ability to efficiently be a father, leader, or person. Two Mondays ago I quit Facebook cold turkey. Yet, I promptly had to create a hidden account so that I can manage Link. It has been two weeks. I don't really miss it. I do get a bit of my fix by looking over my wife's shoulder. 

My social media fix comes from daily flipping through headlines on Twitter. Checking out a few newspaper sites and every couple of days seeing if I can connect with anyone new on LinkedIn.

Receiving Constructive Criticism

I don't get out to "The Range" nearly as often as I would like to visit. This past Saturday I took a field trip to the Fun With Son put on in the Noopiming district at Messiah Lutheran in Mt Iron. While there I received some valid and constructive feedback as it relates to customer service, our popcorn sales plan, efforts to grown Scouting through the School Night to Join Scouting Plan and a few other items, too.  Although it shouldn't be, picking up the phone, or writing an e-mail shouldn't be a barrier to providing feedback. They are for many. For those reading - feel free to drop a line. You might think "certainly someone else has pointed out this problem." In fact, more often than not, they have not.

An Anniversary

This will be my last update as "the new guy." November 1 marks a year in this position. As far as I'm concerned, we are just getting started. I'm looking forward to many years to come as we focus on "The Main Thing..."   Bringing a quality Scouting program to an ever increasing number of young people.

Saying Thanks

I shared recently with our staff and executive board a note that I received from our Chief Scout Executive congratulating us on growing Scouting 8.3% this September over the past September.  The credit lies with each and every volunteer and staff member who saw the vision and were willing to think strategically and act boldly. Thank You.


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