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I have posted a specific article highlighting the sucesses of our September 15 School Night to Join Scouting. Our Noopiming District is the star in the realm of new member recruitment. District Director Brandon Town,as of this morning,  reports 371 new recruits complared to 236 recruited during all of August, September and October in 2010. Ben Mahlke  has formed new Cub Scout packs in Northome, Cass Lake, and Kellier, and reports 44 new youth and 9 new parents for a new pack on the Red Lake Reservation.

What is this "Council" that folks talk about? What does "it" do?
Often folks might mention, "The 'council' does that." If they are referring to something positive in the realm of Scouting, then I like to give credit to the collective group of volunteers that make up "the council." These are the chartered organization representatives, members at large, executive board members, district committee members, council and district committee chairs and committee members and the like.

When "the council" is brought up in a negative scenario such as: " 'The council' won't let us ask area businesses for money." or " 'The council' says we can't take our Cub Scouts sky diving." the situation is different. Often in these circumstances it comes down one of  "buck stops here."  As Scout Executive I am the face of "the council." I am "that guy" that stands up in front of a group to tell you what rules and regulations the BSA might have on a particular subject. I would like you to know, however, that these rules and regulations are formulated by volunteer committees and leaders on either a national or council level. 

If you are curious about, "The council" please feel free to visit with me. My door is always open. I'd be glad to chat with you about how "the council' came to a particular decision.

Where has Dave been?
Following our Thursday, September 15, School Night to Join Scouting I promptly flew to Chicago on Sunday September 18 for a two day meeting of the Scout Executives of the Central Region.  This meeting afforded me the opportunity to visit with my peers and exchange a number of best methods as it relates to the future of the Voyageurs Area Council and the Boy Scouts of America.   Unfortunatly, I believe on the way to Chicago I became infected with a pretty mean virus. I returned Tuesday evening to our executive board meeting, but then didn't leave my bed for more than a little while until Sunday. Nearly one whole week of a fever over 102 served a quite a set-back. My apologies as this illness has delayed my ability to thank folks for a job well done with School Night.

Where will Dave be?
We have eight Fun With Son camps throughout the council over the next several weeks.  We promise our new members all sorts of neat fun, but in the past they have had to wait until the next summer to be able to experience them at Day Camp. I'll be visiting as many of these as possible over the next several weeks.

Along these same lines, we promise parents who came to sign their son up for Scouting, but left the School Night as a Den Leader that we will train them. We promise that we will give them all the resources they need to be successful. I hope to visit as many of these new Den Leaders as possible at upcoming trainings.

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