by David A. Nolle

Even if you don't live in or around Duluth, you have likely heard of the recent campaign initiated by a number of non-profit and governmental organizations in the community.  

I invite you to visit the unfaircampaign.orgExternal Link site and review the materials for yourself.  Scouting teaches kindness and respect.  Scout leaders may find some of these materials helpful in fostering a dialog among Scouts, parents and friends.  There are a number of community based presentations listed on the calendar External Linkpage of the campaign site that can help you as your evaluate if this can help foster diversity within your Scouting community.

I may come as a surprise to you, but as I visit with folks around he council, I am occasionally told by minorities that Scouting is perceived as a program that is only available to those of privilege or those of certain religions or skin colors.  I know that not to be true, however perception may very well be reality.  Have you encountered this?  How have you addressed? Have you changed your personal behavior?  

Perhaps we can continue a respectful dialog as to how this issue impacts what we do in Scouting on our facebook page at Link