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The key to a successful Scouting unit – defined as active and fun – is participation at all levels – youth and adults.  We seemingly all agree that it is more fun to do activities with friends than by ourselves. 

With this is mind, we must continually recruit new members into our unit to bring enthusiasm and excitement to activities, as well as assist with fun raising to support those activities.    Beyond convincing new Scouts to join, we must also engage them so that they stay.  Retaining Scouts is also important as they are great promoters of the program to their friends, and so that their learning experiences can build on each other. 

If we are able to enlist our Scouts’ parents to volunteer, the likelihood of continued re-chartering of a family increases.  Because of the interdependences between Recruitment, Retention and Rewarding Adult Service, the program goals related these are areas are classified as MEMBERSHIP.  The resources and effort put forth in support of our program’s initiatives are considerable and vitally important.

The tasks of the membership committee fall into two broad categories, whether at the council, district or unit level:

  • Relationships. Establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with major community
    organizations and institutions, both those that have Scouting units and those that do not. 
  • Membership. Organize new units, reorganize inactive and dropped units, and recruit new members in a
    systematic way.

Thank you for visiting our page.  If you would like more information or would like to volunteer on the Membership Committee please contact me - or (720) 985-3353.

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