August 31

Show & Sell Orders Due

 September 20-22Show & Sell Distribution to Units 
 September 29-30

Blitz Weekend

 October 20-21Blitz Weekend 
 October 31Show & Sell Sale Ends 
 November 3

Show & Sell Payments Due to Council

 November 3Super Scouting Saturday - All Show & Sell Returns of Product Due to Council 
 November 9Final/ Take Order Sale Orders Due 
 November 16-18Final/ Take Order Sale Distribution to Units 
 December 3Final Payments Due to Council 
 January 2019Top Sellers Party 
Trails End College Scholarship Form 

Council Popcorn Contact: Michael Jenkins, 218-729-5811 or [Click for member's page]

Council Popcorn Kernel:  Michelle Wright, councilkernel@icloud.com