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June 20, 2012

Friends of the Parks, Duluth “E-Newsletter”

City of Duluth Flood Update

Just six days ago we sent you a great e-newsletter with tons of things happening in our parks and on our trails. Well, things are still happening, and unfortunately, none of it is good. 

Here is some info from the Mayor:

"Weather Service has reported more than 9" of rain in the Denfeld neighborhood in the past 24 hours - officially at the airport (9:30am) was 5.4". To put that in context, the Weather Service records indicate the previous record for a 72 hour period was 8" in 1909.

We remain in a State of Emergency. Damage to infrastructure is significant and could be unsafe. We are evacuating the Fond du Lac neighborhood and several other homes closest to the St Louis River. Minnesota Power has opened the St. Louis River dam, even doing so it is likely that the river will top the dam.

We are evaluating potential for washouts and sink holes in our streets. Again, please limit all driving except for emergencies. A street might appear fine on the surface, but the road bed below may be washed out.

Governor Dayton, Senator Klobuchar, and Senator Franken have all called to pledge their support to our community. We will rely on them heavily as we clean up and repair the damage that has been done.

Please use caution and be safe out there! That has been and continues to be our first priority throughout this disaster."


The general report city wide is that we have a lot of damage. Damage to private property, the Zoo, many of our stream side parks, the Lakewalk and nearly all of our trails. And we expect three more inches of rain tonight.

One thing we need from you RIGHT AWAY is PHOTOS of things that you see that are damaged.  AND, if you get this prior to 9 am, June 21, we need them to help us document as much as possible for filing for Federal disaster funding. Photos of things NOT parks and trails related are also welcome.

You can send your photos to any one of these addresses: Amy Norris, Public Information Coordinator, Cheryl Skate, Volunteer Coordinator or Judy Gibbs, Trails Coordinator. PLEASE SEND TO ONLY ONE ADDRESS! Their email addresses are:,,

Please do NOT put yourself in danger to take a photograph!

Here are trails that have already been looked at or will be looked at, so focus your energy on areas not listed here!

Chester Park Trails and grounds (massive devastation)

Congdon Park Trails and grounds (massive devastation)

Kingsbury Creek Trail System (trails completely wiped out)

Lester Park Trails and grounds (some bridges gone, trails wiped out)

Hartley Park Trails and grounds (boardwalks and bridges moved)

Hawk Ridge and Amity Creek Trail (Amity Creek trail is really damaged)

Piedmont, Lester, Hartley, Mission and Spirit Ski Trails (reports coming)

Lincoln Park Hiking Trail above elephant rock (city staff will do in morning)

IF YOU HAVE PRIVATE PROPERTY DAMAGE, please photo document that as well.

ANY PUBLIC structures that you might note can be documented as well.


How can you get involved in the clean-up process?


Cheryl Skafte is the new Volunteer Coordinator for Parks and Recreation & Libraries. Cheryl has jumped in feet first to help us organize what will need to be a massive volunteer effort for many of our parks and trails. Although city staff are scrambling to figure out priorities, we DO know we will need a LOT of people to help us out. First help yourself out and get your basement dry, then help your neighbor. When you’re done with that, we’re ready to take all names of folks who want to help out in our parks and trails.


Volunteers needed!

The storm of 2012 has left our parks and trail system in dire need of massive repair and care. Citizen volunteers are requested to aid in the efforts to restore and reverse the damage to Duluth's trails and parks.   

How citizens can get involved:

To sign up for the Parks and Trails 2012 Storm Volunteer E-List and to get updates on restoration and clean-up efforts or call 218-730-4334 or e-mail cskafte@duluthmn.govExternal Link.  There will be a link on the city’s website soon and we will let you know when that is available.

Please leave the following information: 




Special skills (chain saw certified? We need you the most!) List any skills you have including strong back, have tools, etc.

Where do you live? What park/trail might you be able to assist with?


 Questions? Call Cheryl at or 218-730-4334. 



Here are some links to things you might want to check out:


http://www.duluthnewstribune.comExternal Link/


http://www.sarakylander-johnson.blogspot.comExternal Link/ Link;lst;1External Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link


On a very sad note, below is the link to the new Duluth City Quarterly in which we featured all of the city’s amazing trails. Consider ALL of them closed. Many are completely impassable and extremely unsafe. City staff inventoried those, and they are listed above. Please don’t venture down them. The situation is extremely dangerous and we don’t want anyone getting hurt.


City of Duluth Summer Quarterly Magazine Features Trails - Pick up your copy of the summer edition of the City of Duluth Quarterly. Parks & Recreation trails are featured in the magazine. You can also read it online at Link


Want to see photos of what is going on? Want to get updates in a more timely manner? Join us on FaceBook! Search for “Friends of the Parks, Duluth, MN.” Link


You can also get updates at the City of Duluth’s Facebook page at: Link or to Parks & Rec’s page: Link or, sign up for all Parks & Recreation press releases & other City announcements at http://www.duluthmn.govExternal Link/ - click the yellow button on the left that says “Subscribe via E-mail.”


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June 20, 2012

Judy Gibbs, FOTP newsletter editor


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