100th - 20th Anniversary patches


As many of you know, Ka'niss Ma'ingan Lodge was formed by the merger of Mesabi Lodge of the Headwaters Council and Nahak Lodge of the Lake Superior Council at the time those 2 councils merged in 1995.

That merger created a need for a new Lodge name and totem. The choice was made to have a wolf as the totem and the name was chosen as Ka'niss Ma'ingan which means Brother Wolf.


The design of the first generation Lodge Flap was of a wolf on a hill with a second wolf behind and pine trees to the left and right. This image was done with a gap below the hill and made it look as though the wolves were on a cloud rather then a hill. In the next versions of the flap that gap was removed and it looks more like a hill. If you look to the left column of this web page you will see that version of our flap.

Over the years, as there was a need to order more patches, the main change to the patch has been the moon. In that first generation the moon was a waxing crescent moon. That would be the first phase of the moons cycle and look like a reverse C shape. There were also some details to the wolves that make them unique.

2nd version filled in the gap as I said earlier but also made some improvements to the detail on the wolves. As our patch makers technologies improved so did the details on our patches. The moon however remained as the waxing crescent.

The 3rd version, as I recall, we changed the moon to be a full moon.

4th version, which is our current general issue patch, has a waning crescent moon.


Over our history we have also made a limited number of special event issue lodge flaps. These include the NOAC years of 1998, 2006, 2009 and 2012, and the 100th Anniversary of Scouting/National Jamboree patch in 2010. Other then those patches, the only other ones are the general issue flaps I have listed above.


2015 will mark the 20th year of Ka'niss Ma'ingan Lodge and the 100th year of the Order of the Arrow. As part of that major milestone the LEC has decided to produce a special group of patches. To continue with the history of our lodge the main change to the flap will be in the moon. The National Meeting of the Order has asked that we produce 1 patch to be our NOAC 2015 patch and another to represent the 100th Anniversary of the Order. The LEC has chosen to go one step farther and to make a special version of the 100th/20th as a limited numbered patch with only 100 being produced.

This set of patches will have the 100/20th as a moon in the phase of Full Solar Eclipse. This happens when the moon passes in front of the sun and will have a halo of light around the darkened center. The 2015 NOAC flap is as a Lunar Eclipse, when the moon passes into the shadow of the earth and the moon takes on an eerie red tone. 

As with all of the patches that our lodge has produced there is a bit of a buzz around the collecting community. We are known as a lodge that does not produce a large number of different patches so any new ones are sought after. The LEC will be making some final decisions on the prices for these patches and the fairest way for them to be sold. As of this time their plan is to sell the patches as a set of all three patches for the 100 numbered sets and the remaining patches will be sold as individual patches.

Stay tuned for details of the sale.


September 9, 2014 Update

As of this last weekend we have started distributing the sets to those who won their bids in the auction. We have also sold several numbers at the LEC set price of $55

There are still numbers left and as soon as the LEC sets a price for the remaining patches they too will go on sale.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of your own, send an email to Chuck Ensign, Lodge Adviser at kaniss.adviser@gmail.com