Special Election needed for Lodge Chief

Due to Addisons election to the position of Section C1A Chief we will be having a special election to fill his current position as Lodge Chief.

The rules at the section level are such that the Section Chief can hold no position in his home lodge and must resign from his postion within a set number of days of his election. KaNiss MaIngan Lodge will therefore be holding an election to fill his position for the remainder of his 2009/10 term.

All youth arrowmen who will be under the age of 21 through the spring conclave are elegable to run for the office. There are a few special tasks required to run for the position; first there must be a letter from your Scoutmaster presented to the lodge adviser stating they feel you are ready for the position and second there must be an interview with the Scout Executive, Kevin Nichols. Both need to take place before the election.

If the position of Lodge Chief is filled by a current Lodge Officer there will be another election to fill the position they currently hold. The same requirements will hold for you to run for that position so get the letter and call Kevin even if you would just want to fill one of the other offices if it opens up.

The election of our new lodge chief will be held during the LLD at Camp Horace Johnson in October. There will be ballots printed from the names submitted and nominated at the event and the office will be filled at the completion of that election and will hold the office until the spring conclave.

The 2010 Lodge Chief and officers elections will still be held at the Winter Fellowship in January and those offices will be filled at the Spring Conclave.

Any questions can be directed to the Lodge Adviser Chuck Ensign at [Click for member's page]