Time for 2014 Unit Elections for OA

2014 Unit Elections for OA

Every year each unit should hold an election for qualified youth and adults to join the Order of the Arrow, Scouting's National Honor Society.

Who qualifies ?

1.  For a youth to be eligible for election into the Order of the Arrow they must have 15 nights of camping with the unit during a 2 year period, 1 long term camp must be 5 nights of that 15.

2. First Class rank or above and under the age 21

3. Unit Leader Approval - Scout must be registered, show scout spirit (i.e. his adherence to the Scout Oath and Law) and must also certify that the nominee meets the other requirements set forth

Adult membership has the same camping requirements but is based on the Adults ability to help the Order fulfill it's purpose and is not for recognition of service, including current or prior positions. Selected Adults must be an asset to the Order because of demonstrated abilities, and must provide a positive example for the growth and development of the youth members of the lodge.

Adult selection is by the unit Committee with 1 adult for every 50 youth members of the unit ( unit of up to 50 members can select 1 adult, 51-99 could select 2 and so forth) as long as at least 1 youth member is elected by the youth membership of the unit. 

How do I set up an election ?

The best way we have found to conduct an election is for units to invite the youth OA member of another unit to conduct your election. By doing this a youth has the opportunity to do a presentation before another group of scouts other then their home unit and your youth should then conduct an election for the other unit.

How would we coordinate such an election ?

Your Troop Rep is the first option I would recommend for this election. They have access to the members of the Lodge LEC ( Lodge Executive Committee) and the election materials needed to conduct that election. Second would be the Chapter Chief of your units OA Chapter. (the same as the Council District areas)

I don't have a Troop Rep ?

Why not ? The BSA recognizes the position of OA Troop Rep as a leadership position for advancement and it's a great opportunity for your youth to experience another level of leadership. Ask your Chapter Chief or his Adviser how to get a Troop Rep trained in your unit.

What happens after the election ?

This year, Voyageurs Area Council will be holding a Council Wide Camper-all and the OA will be having a Call-out ceremony for all members elected.  Details of the Camper-all will be announced on the Council web site.

After the call out the Lodge will be having a Spring Service weekend at the Northern Tier C.L. Sommers Canoe Base in Ely Minnesota. At this event the youth and adults selected will take part in the service and a ceremony to be inducted into the Order of the Arrow. If your members can not attend that Conclave there is a fall opportunity as well.


The Dates of your election will depend on the availability of the youth members conducting the electing and your desire to get the election done.

If you have further questions about holding unit elections for your Troop please take the time to visit the National Order of the Arrow web site at www.oa-bsa.org for more information or have your Troop Rep contact his Chapter Chief.  Chapter Chief info is on the Lodge LEC membership roster.