2015 Flap Auction Details

Here are the details of how the 2015 Lodge Flap Auction will work:

The “set” of patches will include 1 numbered anniversary patch, 1 non-numbered anniversary patch and 1 NOAC 2015 patch


Images of these flaps can be seen on the Ka’niss Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/kanissmaingan/ ask to join the group if you have not already.


The LEC has set a minimum bid price of $55

They also set a maximum number of sets available per bidder at 5

The auction will conclude at midnight of Aug. 31, 2014 – This will allow us to offer a chance for new member from our Fall Conclave to have a chance to bid and still get these patches to the successful bidders before the 20th year begins.

Bids will be taken via e-mail, address for this will be kaniss.adviser@gmail.com

Your bid should include, Your Name, e-mail address, number of the specific patch that you would like your bid to be for, the amount of your bid.

Example; Joe Arrowman, me@myemail.com, #9, $55

As the bids come in I will enter them into a spreadsheet along with your information. I will only be using this information for this auction. I will make an attempt to let everyone know where the top bid is during this auction but the number that you are bidding on will remain only in the records of the auction until it is completed. You may choose to gamble that it’s not your number that someone else has bid on and risk having to pick another number based on your bid.

The order of choice will be based on the highest bid getting the first pick and the choices will progress based on descending amount bid. Example: top bidder was Fred Ordeal at $150 and he wanted #72, the next highest bid was $145 from Bob Service and was for #27, Fred would get #72 and Bob would get #27 and so on through the bids. If Bob had also bid on #72 then he would be contacted and given the choice of his next favorite number.

I hope this explanation makes sense and that we will have a successful auction of these fine patch sets.

Profits from this auction will be designated toward a project to benefit the camping program of the Voyageurs Area Council.

Yours in Service,

Chuck Ensign

Lodge Adviser – Ka’niss Ma’ingan Lodge


July 12 UPDATE - Several bids have arrived on the patch sets. We even had our first bid bumped by a higher one. I will send you an e-mail if your bid gets bumped. Still several numbers available.


Aug. 24 UPDATE -  There are still lots of numbers open with no bids on them. This part of the sale closes on the 30th so if you want a specific number set you will want to send an e-mail before midnight on the 30th.