Chief and Vice Chief Positions


Every year at our Winter Fellowship event we hold our elections for the positions of Lodge Chief, Vice Chiefs, Secretary and Treasurer.

These positions, along with the Chapter Chiefs that will be elected at the Spring Conclave, make up our Executive Committee and are the members that run the lodge.

Each of these positions have unique opportunities to give service to your lodge and require some special talents.

Lodge Chief

The Chief is the heart of this group and is the one position within our council where a youth member has the position of being on the Council Board. In fact the Chief is the person that swears in the members of the Council board each year.

This position requires an interview with the Council Executive and a letter from your scout leader  so that we know you are both qualified and recommended by those adults you work with.


Vice Chiefs


There are 3 Vice Chiefs that help the Chief to run the lodge.

Vice Chief of the Legend  is our member responsible for the training and operation of our ceremonies team.


Vice Chief of Administration is responsible for the running of the meetings of our lodge.


Vice Chief of Program is responsible for the program aspects for each year.


Each of these officers has committees that they work with and all members are encouraged to help on any that they have interest in.




The treasurer is responsible for the accounting of the Lodge and the operation of the Trading Post. He will also work with the Executive Committee to plan all Lodge events and serve on committees as the other members do.




The secretary is responsible for the minutes of the meetings and the publication of our news letters. In addition he will serve on committees and assist the Chief to plan all Lodge events.


All of these positions require the OK of your unit leader and you will need to be present to accept the nomination at the time of the election. ( A written designee could be used with prior acceptance of the Lodge Adviser)


All questions can be answered by a member of our Lodge Executive Committee and can be addressed at the election of these officers.


If you would like to send an e-mail to the Adviser with any other questions, please do.