LEC and Elections February 16th

Even with the information posted on this WEB site we still have issues getting the word out to the members of our lodge.

This Saturday, Feb. 16th is our monthly Lodge Executive Committee Meeting. This meeting is always open to all members and we encourage all youth members to attend when ever they can. You don't have to be an Officer to help run the Lodge.

Back to the first point. How can we get the word out to the youth of Ka'niss Ma'ingan Lodge when we have an event or a meeting? We have a Facebook page for Ka'niss. We have a news letter that we try to publish every quarter. Several of our members have Twitter accounts and use them to spread the word, we even have some members that send out text messages to get the word around.

The Lodge Executive Committee needs your help again. How can we get the word out ?

Please get your feedback to the Chief or to our Advisers so we can improve these lines of communication.

The easiest way to send them an e-mail is by going to the Lodge Executive Committee roster and highlight that members name and send them an e-mail through this WEB site.