Jamboree Lodge Flap


They're here !!!       As of 6/9/2010 we have sold 400 patches.

The members of the LEC started work on a special lodge flap at the Lodge Leader Developement weekend last year. They came up with a concept of a day/night patch with the image of a wolf, voyaguer and an ojibway camp.

By working with Raven & Associates, and several improvements, the design was finally approved by the LEC and put into production.

300 patches were ordered originally but the pre order responce from theArrowmen of the Jamboree troops and Jamboree staff has been such that the order was increased.

The first people that will be getting patches are those that are going to be attending th Jamboree as participants and staff and any remaining patches will be offered for sale through the Lodge tradingpost and posibly through the scout service center.

If you are a member of a Council Jamboree troop or going to be on staff at the Jamboree, please send me an e-mail [Click for member's page] so I can track those interested.

For the time being the LEC has requested that the initial purchases be limited to 2 patches per member in good standing. That means members with their dues up to date. 

This restriction has been lifted and all patches in the scout office are now for sale on a first come first served basis. Those set aside from the e-mail will be held for you until the week before jamboree.


Chuck Ensign, Lodge Adviser