History of Ka'Niss Ma'Ingan

This is just a taste of what will be a much deeper history article.

Ka'niss Ma'ingan Lodge #196 serves Voyageurs Area Council.  The Lodge was formed in 1994 by the merger of Mesabi Lodge #196 and Nahak Lodge #526.  The Council office is located in Hermantown, Minnesota, which is in Section C-1A and spans an area from Bessemer, Michigan to Bemidji, Minnesota and from Pine City, Minnesota to International Falls, Minnesota.  The Lodge includes parts of 13 counties in Minnesota, 4 counties in Wisconsin and 1 county of Michigan. 

The legend of our Lodge and the meaning of Ka'niss, Ma'ingan (Brother Wolf) follows Ojibwa (Chippewa) mythology. Nanabush, son of mortal woman and the West Wind, learned how to hunt from the wolf. He learned the wolves’ methods; he also taught the taboo against wanton killing of game.

When Nanabush proved incapable of keeping up with the pack as they pursued caribou, he was left with Tooth, the grandson of the old she-wolf pack leader. The two of them were to hunt moose in the valley, she said, but she warned them to take only meat they could use. In the intoxication of the hunt, they ignored the she-wolf's warning. As a result, they themselves were hunted by the spirit Manitou, who sought to punish them.

Tooth, the impetuous young wolf, was caught and killed, but Nanabush bravely stole Tooth's pelt from the Spirits. Half-god himself, he brought the wolf back to life. Tooth had already traveled the pathways of the dead and resurrected wolf taught Nanabush about those paths, so that he in turn could resurrect his people. After Tooth had described the treacherous pathways to heaven, Nanabush sent him back to the land of the dead, where he forever guides our souls as we make the journey to a better world.

And so according to legend, the wolf is our brother, our teacher in the hunt, our partner in crimes, and our guide to heaven.