Wolf's Cry August 2015



Date: August 28—30, 2015

Location: Camp Newman


Why should I be there?

Come to complete your Ordeal if you are a candidate, come to achieve Brotherhood if it’s been 10 months since your Ordeal.  If you are a member come for service, fellowship and to honor the 2015 Vigil members. We are celebrating OA’s 100th anniversary and the Lodge’s 20th anniversary.  The Fall Conclave qualifies as our Lodge’s sponsored 100th anniversary event for the Centuries of Service Award, which is the only patch that can be worn on your OA sash.  

Sign up online: http://www.vac-bsa.org/Event.aspx?id=6433


Come for a day of service.  Can’t make it for the day? Come for breakfast on Sunday morning held in honor of our newest Vigil members.  Help us celebrate these major milestone anniversaries.

The Centuries of Service Award has specific requirements that can be reviewed and printed from the following website:





I am honored to be the newly appointed Lodge Adviser, as the Order of the Arrow (OA) celebrates its Centennial, and Ka’niss Ma’ingan celebrates its 20th anniversary. What an exciting time in our history!

Arrowmen are known for maintaining camping traditions and spirit, promoting year-round and long-term resident camping, developing leaders, and providing cheerful service to others, while living the values of the Scout Oath and Law. As Lodge Adviser, I am dedicated to supporting the mission and purpose of the Order for the betterment of the youth and adults within the boundaries of our Council and beyond.

Much work has been done over the past 20 years in Ka’niss by my predecessors, but there is still much to do. We currently have a small team of strong youth leaders working to do their best in organizing and running Lodge events and activities. However, we are on the lookout for several more youth leaders to add to this team (especially since every youth will eventually age out and need to be replaced). As they say “many hands make light work” and “together we are better.” The Lodge Executive Council (LEC) meetings are open to all Arrowmen and if interested, we can find a job for you.

I would like to thank every member of our Lodge who has given of themselves to make Ka’niss what it is today. It is because of your work and dedication that we have a legacy.  I would also like to encourage new members to join our leadership team to commit to making sure our legacy continues. The Order is a wonderful place to gain leadership skills, hands-on experience in a leadership role, and work in a positive and safe environment. You will be mentored, have many opportunities to build your skills, and add to your personal toolbox.

Our Lodge’s OA Centennial Celebration will be at our Fall Conclave, August 28-30, at Camp Newman. This will be a 100% outdoor event and is guaranteed to be an exciting time. Plan now to attend, provide cheerful service to our Council, recognize our 2015 Vigil Honorees, welcome new members into our lodge, and enjoy yourself in the out-of-doors among your brothers. I hope to see you there!

Yours in Service,

Tina Comstock



First off – this Conclave is going to be like no other!  Not only is it our official Centennial Celebration, but this Conclave will take place totally outside.  After all, the OA promotes the outdoors and camping.  So be prepared!

Camping will be arranged by Chapter and we are asking that you bring enough tables and chairs for your group. Although we will provide meals and cracker barrel, everyone will need to bring their own mess kit (please no disposables/none will be provided).  We need a couple trucks or trailers to pick up and haul gear from the Council garage out to Camp Newman on Friday, August 28th.  If you can help, please contact Brian Hopkins to coordinate at: 218-780-3097.

We would like all eating areas to be under canopy, so bring one if you can and let us know so that we may plan accordingly.   The work project involves dropping trees and hauling them away so bring work clothes, gloves and sturdy boots.  Email Tina if you are bringing a canopy or have any questions [Click to send email].  



As the centennial year for the Order of Arrow is upon us, Ka’niss Ma’ingan also celebrates two decades.  We celebrate how far we have come as a Brotherhood and as a Lodge.  From the days of Mesabi and Nahak, times have changed and so has Scouting, but we have always focused on keeping a successful and outstanding program for our youth.  As we look forward to our next hundred years, we look back upon the decisions and changes that have shaped Scouting and our Lodge.  Ka’niss has always had a strong bond with the staff at Northern Tier High Adventure Base, and with hard work and the promotion of the outdoors experience, we keep this bond tight.  This has led to our Lodge being the only one to claim one of four high adventures bases as our own.  Ka’niss Ma’ingan has always been a strong, tight knit lodge, working for the Scouts of our council and always will.  We remember all of the strong leaders that have made a difference in our boy’s lives and in past Scouter’s careers.  The role of Chief has always been one with much leadership and devotion but none of this can be achieved without developmental help from some of the most well-known and well respected leaders of the Council.  It is always the duty of the chiefs and their advisers to pass on their knowledge to make the program even stronger.  As the Centennial Chief, it is a great honor to be part of the history books.  I will take the lessons, ideas and wisdom of the past Lodge Chiefs along with my own and carry it over to the next one hundred years.  While we take the next step, we will continue to focus on promoting the boy’s experiences in OA through the ideals of Scouting, so they may grow to be successful young men.

Tyler Milner

Lodge Chief 2015

Ka’niss Ma’ingan Lodge

             W   W



Hello.  My name is Trevor and I am your Ka’niss Ma’ingan OA secretary. I started attending LEC meetings last February when Jack Burklund invited me.  I was nervous to be there at first but I found out they are open to everybody so anyone in OA can attend.  We discuss future events at the meetings and use “Start, Stop and Continue” to debrief after events so our future events are even better. 

At one of our meetings, Lodge Chief Ty Milner, asked me to be the Ordeal Master at Spring Conclave.  I was shocked at first but I said I’d do it.  Jacob Comstock said he would help.  I liked being the Ordeal Master.  It was fun, I learned a lot and it was my first time at the canoe base.  Jacob helped me a lot as well as others.  I highly recommend getting involved with Conclaves and ceremonies.  The Spring Conclave is where I got elected to be your secretary.  That was a big surprise for me. 

Did you know this is OA’s Centennial and you can get a special patch to wear on your sash?  My Troop’s ASM, Bill Perkis, told me he’s never seen a patch allowed to be worn on the sash before and he’s been in Scouts for a long time.  So this is a pretty big deal.  The patch is called the Centennial Service Award and you have to do requirements in certain categories to earn it.  There are 3 categories and you can select 2 requirements to do in each category.  So you have to do 6 things total.  One of the requirement choices is to attend our Lodge’s sponsored 100th anniversary event.  Our Lodge event is Fall Conclave, which is August 28 through 30 at Camp Newman.  Another choice is to attend an ArrowTour event.  I’m going to attend ArrowTour at Camp Tesomas, near Rhinelander WI (July 23) when our Troop is there. You can search online for ArrowTour and you can find out what their schedule is and all kinds of other information about it.  Another choice is to attend NOAC.  I was lucky enough to get registered for NOAC and I’ll tell you all about these events in a future newsletter. You can find Centennial Service Award forms on our Council website http://www.vac-bsa.org/KaNissMaIngan/News/ArrowmanServiceAward   and you can register for Fall Conclave on the website too.  Our Lodge advisor, Tina Comstock, will sign off on your patch requirements when you are done so print out the form and get working.  We have until the end of December to finish it up.

Speaking of Fall Conclave, everyone is invited to attend.  We have more new guys like me who are working in key positions at the Conclave.  It will be a lot of fun with service and fellowship so I hope to see you there and I hope to see more of you at LECs since you are all invited.  The dates and times are always posted way in advance on the Ka’niss Ma’ingan calendar on the Council website.

Until next time…

Trevor Lesch 



Fall ConclaveExternal Link

August 28-30, 2015

Camp Newman
Douglas Co., Wisconsin

Section ConclaveExternal Link

September 11-13, 2015

Lewis and Clark Scout Camp
Tabor, South Dakota





Section C-1A Conclave

The theme is “Pioneering the Future”.  Join host Lodge Tetonwana in South Dakota for a weekend of brotherhood and fun.  During the weekend you can do things like: climbing, Challenge Valley, patch trading, Pow-Wow, Dutch Oven cook off and training cells. Sign up online through our Council at


You will have the opportunity to trade patches with fellow Arrowmen so bring your patches!



Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) meetings are usually held the second Saturday of each month at the Council office at 10 A.M. and all Arrowmen are invited.  However, the August LEC will take place at Fall Conclave and the September LEC will take place at Section Conclave.  The LEC is made up of the youth leaders of the Lodge,  Lodge Chief, Vice Chiefs, Treasurer, Secretary and the Chiefs of each of the chapters that make up the Lodge.  These meetings are open to any Arrowmen who is interested in the workings of the Lodge.  The October  LEC will be at the Council office on the 10th from  10am-noon.



It is not too late to hold OA elections in your troop if you have not already done so!  A troop may only hold one election a year and we encourage you to hold that election early in the year but late is better than never.

 If you have eligible youth in your Troop and have not held an election in 2015, reach out to your OA Troop RepresentativeExternal Link, Chapter Chief or an LEC memberExternal Link to schedule an election now! If you're not sure who to contact, respond to [Click for member's page] , and we'll help you find the right contact.  



Q: When I was a Scout as a boy, I was in the OA and went through my Ordeal and Brotherhood. I am now an adult leader in my son's troop. Am I automatically in the OA (in other words, is OA a lifetime membership)? Or do I have to start all over with another Ordeal, and so forth?

A: Once a Scout goes through his Ordeal, he is a member of the Order of the Arrow for the rest of his life. OA membership does require a person be registered with the BSA, so if you left the Scouting program for a while, your OA membership would lapse as well.

However, once you renew your BSA membership, even in another council, you can also resume your OA membership at the same level you left it. In your case, you would still be a Brotherhood member.

You will need to connect with the OA lodge to pay your dues and continue your active membership.

Pay your dues here:  http://www.vac-bsa.org/KaNissMaIngan/Store



Things of the spirit are what count: brotherhood – in a day when there is too much hatred at home and abroad; cheerfulness – in a day when the pessimists have the floor and cynics are popular; service – in a day when millions are interested in getting or grasping, rather than giving

E. Urner Goodman








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