Spring Conclave @ Northern Tier

Spring Conclave was this last weekend at Northern Tier High Adventure Base in Ely Minnesota.

Even with the month of April giving us record snow fall and there still being 30+ inches of ice on Moose Lake, we had a great conclave this last weekend.

Each spring for several years we have held our conclave at the Canoe Base in Ely, Northern Tier's C.L. Sommers Canoe Base.

Again this year we gave service to one of the 3 current National High Adventure Bases. To the best of my knowledge, we are the only lodge that holds an annual conclave at any of the National Bases. One big reason for this is that we, as a council, don't have our own long term summer camp. Our units are able to attend long term  camps of several of our neighboring councils.

This years weather presented a special opportunity for us. There are generally outdoor projects that we do to  get the base looking great for all of the Scouts coming to Northern Tier from all over the world. This year, due to several inches of snow on the ground, we did a major amount of our work inside and around the Sandy Bridges Center. All of the work done is going to help the base staff to have the base ready for staff and guest that will be arriving over the next few months.

If you are able to visit the Base this summer you should really try to get up there. Check out the web site link that's here on the council menu to see when they're open for guests. There is a great deck on the Sandy Bridges Center and they will even have the Sweets Shop open again this summer. Coffee and something sweet out on the deck overlooking Moose Lake is a memory that will last for years to come.

 Thank you to all that were able to attend this year and if you missed out, see you next year.