OA Troop/Team Representative Program

The Order of the Arrow Troop/Team Representative program is a great way to bridge the gap between units, the Chapter, and the Lodge. Each unit should have a youth Arrowman serving as Troop/Team Representative to carry information from the unit to the OA, and vice-versa. Chapters and Lodges with low Troop/Team Representative participation can consider encouraging units to participate to help fulfill important aspects of the local strategic plan and quest for Quality Lodge recognition.

Now, more than ever, the Troop/Team Representative is at the height of its effectiveness. The National Order of the Arrow Committee has recently tailored the program's focus to meet the needs and goals of units, Chapters, Lodges, and Councils. The duties of the Troop/Team Representative are now more specific and in harmony with a focus on service. Several of the additions are highlighted here. A Troop/Team Representative should:

  • Make at least one high adventure presentation to the unit annually
  • Coordinate the Ordeal induction process for newly elected candidates
  • Participate in unit members’ paths to Brotherhood
  • Lead community service projects for the unit
  • Advocate environmental stewardship and Leave No Trace camping

A complete list of duties is located online at http://www.oa-bsa.org/programs/ttr/External Link. The website also includes links to resources a Troop/Team Representative can use when assisting with a unit election. With these new refinements in place, the OA Troop/Team Representative program will continue to serve its integral function as a way to enhance the experience of youth in the Order of the Arrow. The program also aims to help communications among the unit, Chapter, and Lodge thrive. Use the opportunity now to take your unit, Chapter, or Lodge to the next level by making involvement in the Troop/Team Representative program a priority!