Getting Ready for the next Wolf's Cry

Now that you've read through the latest edition of the Wolf's Cry, how would you like to be a part of the next issue?

We try to put several issues together each year with a few being mailed out to everyone on our mailing list and some only being posted here on the web site.

If you're interested in adding an article to any issue of the Wolf's Cry please send a note to our Secretary and we'll try to include it in our next issue.

The easiest way to contact the Secretary is by going to the Lodge Executive Committee member list, found here on this site, and sending an e-mail to him by clicking on his name in the roster. Then just click on send member an e-mail and type out your note. That way if we have a change of e-mail address or Secretary, it will still get to him.

Your in Service,

Lodge Executive Committee