2 of the 3  2009/2010 Section C1A officers are from KaNiss MaIngan Lodge

There were elections held at the section conclave on saturday night.

This year's Conclave was held at the Fort Sisseton South Dakota State Park. Twenty members of the KaNiss MaIngan Lodge attended the event. As always, a great time was had by all.

Each year, members of Section C1A hold elections for section officers that will run the section Council of Chiefs meetings and work with them to organize the annual Section C1A Conclave.

During the elections, Addison Hendricks was elected to serve as the Section C1A Chief. Part of his duties will be to represent the section at the annual meeting of the OA Chiefs in Texas this December.

Also elected from KaNiss MaIngan Lodge, to the position of Section Secretary, was Josh Ensign.

Both Addison and Josh will be taking part in the Central Region training event this November.

Congratulations to both Addison and Josh. All members of KaNiss MaIngan should be proud, of this first- time event, of having 2 of the 3 section officers coming from our lodge.

 Please read the article in the news section about the elections to be held @ LLD