National Distinguished Service Awards

The Distinguished Service Award was created in 1940 to honor those who rendered service to the Order beyond the lodge level. The award is presented to those Arrowmen who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis. The award is presented every two years during NOAC. Since the time of the first awards were presented, less than 750 Distinguished Service Awards have been presented.

The award is a sterling silver arrowhead, bearing an arrow pointing upward and to the wearer's right, suspended from a white neck-ribbon upon which are embroidered red arrows. A white square knot embroidered upon red cloth is also available. Presentation of the award is limited; nominations are open to both youth and adult.

2009 Friends of KaNiss MaIngan Lodge

Well this year there are 2 people on this list that are close to our lodge and our resent history.

Doug Hirdler, a member of our lodge, and Kyle Becker a member of PaHin and our section.

Congratulations to Doug and Kyle and to all the other recipients of this honor.