Data being input into LodgeMaster

We've started to input the data we have into the Lodge Master database. For those of you unfamiliar with this software, it's been developed for Lodges by the national office. With Lodge Master we can track events and fees more accurately than we have in the past.

At this time we are working backwards from this spring conclave by inputting data from that event first. The next step will be to go back in the records and fill in the gaps in each history until we have everyones information complete.

Items in the database include; Name, address, phone #, DOB (birthday), e-mail address, dues paid, dates of your election, ordeal and brotherhood, vigil honor data like your vigil name and translation, lodge positions you've held, awards you've received, events attended, ceremonies you served in and more. We'll even be able to track service and unit visits.

After the database has been brought up to date with the information we have on hand there might be a need to get the rest from you.

Keep an eye on this page for any further information needed or service opportunities related to this process.

8/11/2009 - April is now using the program to input your registration info for the upcoming events, fall conclave and Section Conclave. Also the new members election forms will be entered as they are returned to the Scout Office.