Lodge needs your help getting the word out

We have discovered that over the past few years, with the changes to our data collection, that we are missing a great number of our members when we use our current dues paid list for our mailings.

With the change to a more electronic information system there have been some cracks that peoples address's have fallen into and we're not getting the info to them.

"How can I help ?"    Well the first, and best way, is to pass on any infomation we send you to the other members of your unit. Another way is to contact the office and ask April to add you to our dues paid information but getting your dues in for the upcoming year. ( Again only $15)  And you could also send an e-mail to a member of the LEC so they can get you updated in the system.

Our Annual Banquet and Fellowship is set for January and we don't want to miss getting you the information. If you missed paying dues for 2011 or earlier, please get your 2012 dues in this fall so we will have you on our list for the winter function.

Thank you for your help !