NOAC 2012 was a great success.

A few lines down you will see the article that we've had on the page for the last few months and the updates at the end. Well now NOAC 2012 is in the books and you'll have to go to the National OA site and see what you missed. Get ready for 2015 and the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.  Watch for the details. 

NOAC 2012 Michigan State University East Lansing Michigan

Updates are added to the end of this article

July 30 to Aug. 4 2012


I have asked Steve Borough to head the planning committee for the 2012 NOAC. If you are interested in attending, you should send Steve an e-mail with your contact information.

We have a Facebook link set up for the Ka'niss Ma'ingan members that might be interested in attending.


There are several links out there for NOAC info, here's the one we have linked on the Facebook page:

Our Facebook group is Ka'niss Maingan Lodge NOAC 2012

Stop by if you're a Facebooker and ask to become a friend. I try to check it everyday and will be happy to add you to the group.

As of today the group numbers have not been announced but the word out there is that we will not be limited due to the size of the campus.  is Steve's e-mail address for the event.

I'm looking forward to a great NOAC and a large Ka'niss contingent.


Chuck Ensign

Lodge Adviser




11/02/2011 Update - For those of you who have expressed interest, Steve is setting up a hold a spot sheet with the scout office. If you can please let him know that you are still serious about attending.

Steve, Tom Meyer and I are putting together an event budget for the trip. There are still several details to work on but this will be our starting point. Stay tuned for basic costs and dates for the trip to Michigan.

1/06/2012 Update - we have gotten word that we can now register for NOAC. Take some time and look at the national site for any updated info from the new National Officers. It won't be long and we'll be signing up for classes for the event. If you haven't sent a message to Steve Borough yet, please send him one.


2/5/2012 Update - as several of you have already found out, we have a page on Facebook for the NOAC contingent. If you search for "KaNiss MaIngan Lodge NOAC" on FB you can ask to be a friend. From that sight we will be sending out most of the info links that will be needed for registration, event schedules, and other info to have NOAC bo the greatest ever for KaNiss. Steve will be getting Tech Support from Eric Neff and has other adults helping with the tour plans.

If you do not have Facebook access, send an e-mail to Eric or Steve for information.


6/23/2012 Update - Wow is it getting close. NOAC is just a few weeks away and the contingent is getting ready to roll. Just like in the last note, if you have questions, please direct them to either Steve or Eric Neff. Now for the really cool news, if you haven't been to the Facebook page, the patches are in. I have them for right now so the contingent members will have the first opportunity to purchase trading stock for the event. After the 4th of July weekend, the remaining stock will be put into the Lodge trading post stock,  a few will be added to the service center stock, and they will be available for any member to purchase. Cost was set by the LEC at $5 unless you are attending NOAC, contact me if you are going to NOAC and want to buy some to trade.

 July 30, 2012 - We're HERE !!!!! We're at Michigan State and having a great time. If you want to follow NOAC Live Go to http://live.oa-bsa.orgExternal Link and you at home can be a part of the fun with us here at MSU. Those of us on Staff got to meet the Chief, Vice Chief and all of the Region Chiefs last night at our Staff Show and tonight the guests attending this great event will have their opening show and get to see them as well, if they didn't already see them in the main field during todays check in.