Dear Candidate:

Congratulations on being elected into the Order of the Arrow.  You were selected by your fellow Scouts for having exemplified what it is like to be a Scout both in and out of your Troop.  The Order of the Arrow is Scouting's National Honor Society.  Its members use the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives to help guide them in all that they do.

To become a member of Ka'niss Ma'ingan Lodge #196 you must go through the Ordeal Induction.  The induction weekends are held every spring and fall.  You have three chances to attend an induction weekend before your invitation runs out.  If your invitation does run out, you must be elected again.  Your next chance to go through your Ordeal will be at our next Spring or Fall conclave and the fees will be announced before that even. This fee covers a lodge flap, OA sash, OA handbook, as well as your food and lodging for the weekend and your dues for the remainder of the year.  The fee is payable at the door or by pre-registration at the Council Service Center. Please make every effort to pre-register so we can plan for the correct number of participants.

All candidates must eat a good meal before arriving Friday night prior to arrival.  Your Saturday meals and Sunday breakfast are provided.  We will be done Sunday morning at about 11:00.  You must also BE PREPARED for all weather conditions.  You are asked to bring the following:

>Tarp                                             >Bathroom Kit(toothbrush, soap, towel)    >Scout Uniform

>Work Clothes & Gloves             >Sleeping Bag & Pad                                    >Flash Light

>Good Shoes                               >Spending money for Trading Post            > Tent (fall)     


Yours in Service,


Mark Farrand

Lodge Chief

Ka’niss Ma’ingan #196