OA Spring Conclave 2010 Project List

This is a project list that we have recieved from the canoe base for our spring conclave. There may more items added to this list before the conclave but for now , as you'll see, we have a bit of work to complete to help the base open for the season.

We on the LEC look forward to seeing all of you at the spring conclave and if you have any questions please send and e-mail to [Click for member's page]



We are looking forward to having the KaNiss MaIngan Spring Conclave here on 4/30-5/2

We have a number of projects that we will be doing on Saturday or the day before for the professionals.  The list of professional trades we need at the bottom of the email.   

The biggest ones will be moving the Rendezvous area that is by the front gate and reassembling a part of it on the base down by the log lodge. Moving it is necessitated by the construction of a new dining hall / trading post /conference building by the front gate that will start this spring.

This project involves:

 Moving the all log benches and log supports; Moving the stage; Disassembling the fence in an organized manner for potential use 15 of the log benches will be reassembled behind the log lodge;  3 10 - 12 foot sections of the stockade fence will be reassembled;  Stage will be reassembled;  Building a rock fire ring.   
 To do this will require the following tools-Power drills to back out the  screws holding the fence poles to the 2 x 8. The screws are Phillip head screws. 
 Post hole diggers, shovels, and a ratchet set or two.
 Other projects will be:
 Cutting Brush on the upper Drain field
  Tools:  Loppers, hand saws
 Cutting brush around cabins, Parleys Rock and other buildings
 Tools:  Loppers and hand saws
 Lodge cleaning and swapping out the Storm Window with Screens and raking  around the outside of building
  Tools:  Cleaning supplies and rakes
  Winter Dog Yard Maintenance
 Tools: none
 Moving Lockers back into the lower Bay Post
 Tools:  Bobcat
 Dining Hall - Change out the Storm window with Screens
Tools:  Ladder and power Drill
 General base cleaning
 Trash bags

 We do have a need for several experts or professionals:
 Carpenters - Siding the Trappers Cabin - approximately a 12' x 12' cabin
 Electrician - Several crew cabins have wires running up to florescent lights on the ceiling.  The wires will need to be shortened and covered with a conduit cover.  Waterproof junction boxes may also be installed
 to hardwire the cabin to the circuit breaker boxes.


 Other details that need to be covered:

Currently there is a fire ban in affect - Ceremonies may need to be fire free if the conditions do not change in the next couple of weeks.

 Joseph Mattson
 Associate Director of Program


Thanks for the help that you will provide and remember to have work clothes and any tools that you might be able to bring along that you would prefer to work with.

See you at the conclave, Chuck Ensign, Lodge Adviser