The 2009 Vigil selection has taken place.

The selection has been made from the list of nominations made by the members.

To nominate someone to receive the Vigil Honor, please open the form through the link below, fill it out, and submit it to the council service center or send an e-mail copy to the lodge adviser. This process will remain open for members to nominate individuals through out the year.

Any questions, contact Chuck Ensign, Lodge Adviser, at 218-340-4823or email: [Click for member's page]

Vigil Form

Dear Fellow Arrowmen,
We are requesting nominations for eligible arrow men to be nominated for the Vigil honor. To be nominated for the Vigil honor the arrow men must be in good standing and have his Brotherhood for at least two years. Other items to consider while nominating a candidate would be his service to his lodge, unit, council, and community. He should be showing the principles of the Order of the Arrow, and remember he should be a person that you think deserves this honor. The nominating form will be available online and must be forwarded to the Lodge Adviser.

If you would like to be a part of this selection committee sned an e-mail to the lodge adviser. Now, you do not have to be a Vigil member in order to be on this committee. All arrow men are able to be on it. Even the kid who just joined at the last conclave. If you were nominated and you are a part of this committee we will ask you to not take part in the voting. If you have any further questions through the lodge advisor.

Yours In Service,

Josh Ensign

Vigil Nominating Committee Chair