Your help is needed to keep the Where to go Camping Guide up to date.

Ted Peterson has taken on the role of heading up the "Where to go Camping Guide" committee and he needs your help. He's started the outline and has begun to collect data. The youth that was working with Ted is no longer around scouting and will need to be replaced with another youth OA member.

There is a need for members that can update  the project as part of the committee.

Looking for places to go camping, what they have to offer and now to get there.

The information has been gathered and it will be put into a form useable on the web page for the members of our council and other scouts and families that want to camp in our area.

If you are willing to help out with the committee, please send an e-mail to Ted Peterson, and he'll get back to you about the next time the committee will be meeting.

Send an e-mail to Ted Peterson at [Click for member's page] with your information