The Wolf's Cry December 2009

From the Lodge Chief

Greetings Brothers,

I would just like to take a brief minute of your time to tell you some of what's been going on in our lodge over the past few months. First, for any of you who didn't already know, Addison has been elected to Section Chief and because of this he has had to step down from Lodge Chief. With this being the case we held an election at the LLD in October and I was elected to Lodge Chief until Spring Conclave. I would like to congratulate Addison on his election to the Section, as well as Josh on his election to Section Secretary. I would also like to thank Addison for his many hours of service to the Lodge. I am very excited for the upcoming time as your Lodge Chief, and I am looking forward to the upcoming events we are planning. This brings me to the next thing I would like to bring up, the Winter Banquet and Fellowship. We will be having our Winter Banquet in Cloquet on January 8-9, we will be sending out more information on that shortly. I ask that all of you strongly consider coming to this. We always have a great time and the more people we have, the better. I hope to see all of you there.

Yours in cheerful service,
Mark Farrand
Ka'Niss Ma'Ingan Lodge Chief 

From the Lodge Adviser

For those of you I have not yet met please let me introduce myself.
I am Chuck Ensign, Adviser for the KaNiss MaIngan Lodge. I have been an Arrowman since my days with Troop 9 in Duluth where I was
elected to the Order. As a youth I served on the Lodge Executive Committee of Nahak Lodge and I recieved the Vigil Honor in 1981.

I have the great honor of working with some of the best youth leaders in our council and have the chance to watch them grow in
their leadership skills. As a youth member of Nahak Lodge I had an adviser that, as I look back, let us learn but giving us advise
and not doing our jobs for us. It's often too easy to just jump in with a group of young men and do what we know needs to get done
but then they don't learn how to do the task.

It's my wish that the adults of our lodge can give todays youth leaders that same chance.
We need to provide the things that these men can't do on their own. Two deep leadership is the first thing that I see we need to
give them as adults. They will need help getting to the lodge functions and to get out to the units for the elections that we hold
each year. They need the chance to discover what they can accomplish when they work through a problem themselves and find the
correct solutions.

As adult members of the Order we all seek to serve and here are a few thoughts on giving service to our lodge.
First and formost is the service we need to give to our units. Without units we would have no lodge and no scouting program. We
sometimes forget that giving service to the lodge includes giving service to the full program.

Each of you that wishes to give better service to our lodge could consider this, give service to the unit, district or council as
your way of helping the lodge. What I mean by that is, we can do a great service to our lodge by serving in a position that
promotes the ideals that we strive to promote.

As Scoutings National Honor Society, one of our basic objectives is to promote the camping program in our council. I would ask, if
you have an interest, to become active in your districts camping committee. Wouldn't it be easier for the committee to work with
several interested members rather then the, too often found, committee of one or two. We can also support the camping program of
our unit. Give the youth the chance to camp and learn the things that make scouting such a great program.
Another opportunity for service to our lodge is the Commissioner program, each unit needs an experianced member from outside it's
own ranks to help it see what they can improve on in the unit or just the things that they never knew existed for them. As a
commissioner we can promote the Order of the Arrow to them through our service to their unit.
We see the youth that wear the lodge flap as a group that sets the example for the other youth, well we as adults need to set the
same example of cheerful service.

Again, I hope that we can continue the tradition of great youth leaders coming from our program and that several of those members
will become the leaders of the packs, troops, crews and teams that will be the future of the Scouting program in our area.

Yours in Cheerful Service,
Chuck Ensign
Lodge Adviser
KaNiss MaIngan Lodge

2009 Section C-1A

View from the Section
As some of you may know, I was elected Section Chief this September. Ka'Niss Ma'Ingan Lodge is one of 6 lodges that make up Section C-1A. We span from a county in Montana to a county in Michigan, and from the Canadian Boarder to the Minnesota Iowa Boarder. Our section takes up 7 states and has one of the largest land masses in the whole nation! High Adventure is one great thing that every Arrowman should go through. Its 2 weeks at one of the High Adventure bases for an extremely low cost. There are many other programs in our Region like NLS ( National Leadership Seminar) and it is a great time and well worth it! The next NLS will be announced on the lodge website and in the next Wolf's Cry. Section Conclave September 10-12 2010 at Camp Philipo down by the cities. I hope to see you there!

Addison Hendricks
Ka'Niss Ma'Ingan Lodge
Section C-1A Chief 

2009 LLD

This years LLD went very well. It was a total sucess, except for some minor details, but there are always those. I believe that with more effort, contributions, and time management. As well as not getting sick, not referring to anyone in general...(cough cough ben). But with those things the next years LLD's will be more enjoyable and even more fulfilling and they will only progress so see you there next year!

Josh Ensign
Section c1-a secretary
Vice Chief of the Legend 

2009 NLS

National Leadership Seminar (N.L.S.) is held twice a year in each district as a weekend conference on the skills of leadership. This year was the first year in many that we had any youth or adults attend N.L.S. As the trip began, we left Duluth early Friday morning and began our trip. We later arrived that night and got settled into our new home. Where we had our first training cell, and I could tell that this experience was going to be a great one. As we got settled, we met our table guides and some arrowmen that we have met and a lot that we have never met. As our training went on for the next day, we could all feel the excitement and most of all the fun that the program was giving to us. Our table guides gave us a lot of information from there experiences and times in the Scouting program. Russell, my table guide, shared with me about all the great high adventure bases that you could attend as a youth in the O.A. Through this time we learned many things, including teamwork, trust , and many more things that we will bring to the lodge. One activity that we did was the paper tower exercise, this showed us how to use our time and work as a team to complete the exercise. There are many more fun things that we got to do with our tables, but each one had a lesson. As Sunday came around we started to pack up and get into the car after a nice final lunch with our table, we began to realize that our temporary home was going to be gone, but our friendships that we have made with everyone will last for a long time to come.

By: Zachary E. Hall 

From the Editor


Well guys this is my first attempt at a newsletter.Some of the older boys might find some similarities in the newsletter to those of old. Well that is because I with the gracious help of Micheal Jordan or giving me some of his newsletters, created this one using those templates. But yes, I would also like to thank all of the people who have given articles for the newsletter.

I would like you guys to please just think about what you can do to try to better help your community, your troop, as well as this lodge. As well as that I know that we could definatly use some more involvment on your part. If you go online you can see that there are many positions on the LEC that are open, so if some of you boys would be willing to step up and try to fill some of those positions I know that all of the LEC would be overjoyed!
Well guys I hope you enjoyed this issue of the Wolfs cry and will read our next issue. Enjoy!

-Ben Damberg
Lodge Secretary

Ka'Niss Ma'Ingan 

In this portion of "The Wolf's Cry", we will be having a section devoted to fun little things. By the way, this idea came from one of those Arrowmen that sent in an idea, so you should try it also!

The COLOR of the Wolf:

(It is a mixture of different colors. Can you guess which ones? The answer will be posted in the next From the Wolf.)

The JOKE of the Wolf:

Joe: Knock, Knock.
Fred: Who's there?
Joe: George Washington.
Fred: George Washington who?
Joe: Don't you know your history?

The QUOTE of the Wolf:

"Scouting is not only fun, but it also requires a lot from you." - Baden Powell

The CHALLENGE of the Wolf:

The Wolf challenges you to become
a more active Arrowman in
your lodge and troop.