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Charter Renewal Information

Charter Renewals

Your troop, crew, or post’s charter renewal for 2014 should be nearing completion if not already turned in. Your current charters expire January 31, so completing the paperwork and getting it to the Council Service Center are essential to operating your unit uninterrupted. It is not advisable for any unit to operate on a lapsed charter!

Your pack has had access to its internet charter renewal since the beginning of January. Your pack’s charter expires March 31, and likewise your renewal should be complete and at the Council Service Center prior to the expiration date to avoid a lapsed charter status.

A quick note that the Internet Charter Renewal system may display registration fees, and Boys’ Life dues reflecting a 12-month charter ($24 and $12, respectively), but with our switch to December 31 charter renewals for all units, the proper fees should be: $22 registration and $11 Boys’ Life for  11 months per registrant for Boy Scout troops and Venturing crews; and $18 registration and $9 Boys’ Life for 9 months per registrant for Cub Scout packs. Never fear though, any overpayment will refunded to your unit’s registration account.

Don’t forget that your unit’s Journey to Excellence scoresheet is due with your charter paperwork, and should be filled out with the assistance of your Commissioner or District Executive. Scouting’s Journey to Excellence program not only functions as a recognition for all of the great work your unit does, but a comprehensive health check for all the functions of your unit’s program, and so is a tool to be used for planning, as well.

Last, but not least, don’t forget that although you press the “Submit” button, a printed copy of your charter renewal, signed by your unit leader and Chartered Organization, has to physically be in the Council Service Center, whether hand delivered or by mail. If you have any questions or issues with your charter paperwork, don’t hesitate to ask your Commissioner, District Executive, or Sue Berg at the Council Service Center.

Online Rechartering:  Each unit receives a new access code emailed to them each year.  If you did not receive one for your unit contact the council service center.  The person doing the recharter must sign in as a new user.  You cannot use last year's access code or login from the previous year.

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