2016-2017 Program Plan Takes Shape

On Saturday, March 15, nearly 50 Scouters gathered to put the finishing touches on the 2016-2017 Council Operating Plan. Read more about the plan and how council and district resources will support quality unit programing in the program year ahead.

The primary document reviewed and revised by our operating committees was the 2016-2017 Strategic & Operating PlansExternal Link. This document, although still in draft form, will be finalized by the respective operating committees in prior to the April 19, Executive Committee Meeting. This coupled with the calendar of events and activities will be published and distributed at district roundtable meetings during the second week of May.

For more information on the various operating committees visit: http://www.vac-bsa.org/council .  Each local unit's voice in council and district operations is the chartered organization representative, who is appointed by the institutional head of our chartered partners. These individuals, along with district and council members at large, make up the district committees. Representatives from the district committees serve on each of the council operating committees. The council committees formulate our annual operating plan, in accordance with the board approved strategic plan. The district leadership then executes the council plan.

These committees are always in search of dedicated and qualified volunteer talent to support and supplement their efforts.  Feel free to contact the chair of the respective committees if you have interest or would like to nominate an individual for volunteer service.

As our planning phase continues here are some resources to use on the local level:

PacksExternal Link

TroopsExternal Link