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National Tour Permits


The following note was received recently from the Central Region: “Spring is here and summer will be here soon, which means it is time for tours. Although it is required that applications be mailed to the regional office at least 30 days in advance of the tour, you could save yourself a lot of frustration by applying at this time if your trip is already planned. The regional office is pleased to accept applications up to 12 months prior to the tour. This is just a reminder on some of the important information you need to pay special attention to, when you fill out your application:


Make sure all of the needed information is there. You will need the tour leaders’ name, type of unit, unit number, round trip mileage (even if you are going by public transportation), dates of the trip, starting point and destination of the trip. The number of youth and adults going, the itinerary, type of transportation planned, the amount of insurance carried if traveling by private vehicles, address and phone number (fax no.) of the tour leader, signature on Guide to Safe Scouting, and 8b & 8d must be marked. There must be at least two (2) adult leaders going on every trip. One of these leaders must be at least 21 years of age, and completed Youth Protection Training. After that, there must be one adult leader for every 10 youth. When female youth are attending, there must be one female adult for every 10 female youth. Insurance requirements are listed on the tour permit application. You must have information as to how many are traveling in each vehicle so that you can look at the insurance requirements. This applies only to private or borrowed vehicles. Commercial vehicles are not required to list their insurance. If the tour consists of a Troop, Pack, Explorer Post, Venture Crew, etc. the application must have three signatures (Scout executive, Tour Leader, and the Chairman of the committee). If the tour is a council contingent, the application is required to have only two signatures (the Scout executive and the Tour Leader).


A NATIONAL TOUR PERMIT is required for all groups traveling to areas 500 miles or more one way (1,000 or more miles total), or crossing national boundaries into territory of other nations (including going to Canada).

Tour permits are processed in the order in which they are received. Faxing or priority mailing will not make your tour permit go to the top of the pile. Plan ahead and mail your tour permit early!

If all of the above requirements are not met, the application will be returned to the local council for corrections, which could result in delays to obtaining the tour permit approval in time. Thank you for your cooperation and “Happy Camping”!”

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