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Welcome To Scouting! 

Dear new Scout Parents,

We are so happy you have chosen this fun, exciting and worthwhile youth program and hope you will have many happy and rewarding years participating in it. This letter of introduction is provided to reiterate some important information from your recruitment and to provide some more details on upcoming activities and events.

Membership Cards and Boys' Life - Your membership card is being processed and will be sent to your unit leader for proper presentation to you. If you signed up for the Boy’s Life External Linkmagazine, which provides exciting and important news on a monthly basis, please be patient. It sometimes, depending on the time of the month you signed up, takes up to two months for you to receive an issue. Should you not receive either within the next 60 days, please contact either our registrar or your district executive.

Leaders - By now you should know who your group's leaders are and be in contact with them regarding upcoming meetings. If the communication has not occurred, please let your district executive know so he/she can assist in you receiving information about the group you joined. Your district executive can be found here ( or (218) 729-5811). As your district executive spends much time in the field helping units like yours, please feel free to leave a message and he/she will do his/her best to get back to you within 24 hours.

Leader Selection and Youth Protection - The adults involved in your unit are usually other parents just like you who are concerned about a quality program for their youngster. They have volunteered and provided an application with your chartering organization or parents' committee, and are doing their best to provide a program for their youngsters along with yours. You are encouraged and expected to participate with these adults in providing the program as they cannot do it all themselves. Your son's safe and happy participation depends on your involvement. It is your responsibility to get to know the other parents and leaders. The Boy Scouts of America leads the nation in youth protection programs. We request that you read the front of your son's Scout handbook for more information about these programs designed to protect against child abuse and participate in one of the monthly youth protection trainings occurring in your community. Also, please choose from the many other training programs available.

Friends of Scouting - You may occasionally hear the term "FOS" or "Friends of Scouting." It simply is the annual program used to provide funds to keep the program funded for all those who wish to participate. It actually costs $150.00 a year to provide the camps, Scout Shop, accident insurance, utilities, and support necessary for your son's involvement. The $10.00 basic annual registration fee you’ll pay only covers the cost of registering with the Boy Scouts of America. You also have uniform, Boys' Life and program costs, depending on your level of involvement. We hope, too, when you are asked to support the overall operations of the program during the year, that you will also "do your best" to help.

Voyageurs Area Council and Your District - You have joined a Boy Scout troop, Cub Scout pack, or Venture crew that is part of the Voyageurs Area Council, a non-profit entity chartered by our National Office and the United States Congress to provide Scouting throughout the nation. For ease of support our council has been divided into districts to better provide local support through a district executive. The council operates camps, Scout Shops, professional support and a myriad of other functions to help the districts help the units. The ultimate program delivery for the benefit of youngsters occurs at your units level.

Again, thank you for joining Scouting and enjoy the fun and adventure it has to offer!

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