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MYTH:  Our unit does Friends of Scouting, isn't that the same thing?

FACT:  Voyageurs Area Council appreciates all the support it received from its families through the Friends of Scouting program (FOS).  FOS is the council's annual campaign that asks its members to help support the Scouting program through a donation.  The popcorn sale allows for the community at large and non members to support Scouting through their local youth selling popcorn to help them  go to camp or go on other Scouting adventures.  70% of each sale directly goes back to Scouting.  A portion of the popcorn sale goes to help Voyageurs Area Council provide campership dollars, maintain camps, leader trainings, roundtable materials and much, much more.

MYTH:  Troops can't sell popcorn in this area; there is already a pack that sells and we don't want to interfere with them.

FACT:  While it is true Cub Scouts have a sales advantage with the "cuteness factor," studies have shown 70% of neighborhood houses are either not asked, or not even knocked on.  That is a lot of houses and potential sales.  Boy Scouts have their own family, friend and business contacts network.  Popcorn is also a great "add on" product for a troop with another fundraiser.  Its great when a Scout asks a person who has already bought the other item they are selling.

MYTH:  We are really busy, it's hard for us to sell even $200 in popcorn.

FACT:  Setting a goal and planning out the Scout's sale is key to success.  There are several tools, sale types and best methods that will help Scouts achieve and exceed their goal.  For example, for a Scouts to sell $600 throughout the sale, he would only have to average selling one item per day.  Breaking it down into manageable pieces helps Scouts and parents visualize achieving the goal.

MYTH:  The popcorn is too expensive for people to buy.

FACT:  Scouting support is strong with Trails End Popcorn.  For example, Voyageurs Area Council  offers a package of unpopped popcorn for $10 for two pounds, which makes it $5 a pound, which yes, is more than you can get at Wal-Mart or a grocery store, but that Scout isn't asking you to invest in popcorn, that boy asks customers to invest in him.  It is a fundraiser and the purpose is to invest in that boy to help him be able to afford to participate in camp and other Scouting programs that allow him to try activities he wouldn't normally get to try and grow up to appreciate the world around him, be a leader and be more active in his community.  70% of each purchase goes directly to help the Scouting program, that's the investment they make in the Scout, and the popcorn is the thank you.

FACT:  The fall popcorn sale will pay for your unit's ENTIRE YEAR of program.

Utilize the fall popcorn sale as your units ONLY fundraiser this fall.  Attend the popcorn kick-off in your area on August 22 for more information.

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