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In a recent survey, more than 93 percent of BSA local council respondents reported that they use some form of social media to communicate with their donors, friends, and members. Moreover, as of April 30, 2013, the BSA raised approximately $1 million more compared to the same time last year through one of its online-giving portals. It is evident that social media and online giving are viable fundraising avenues. In the blog Turning Fans Into Fundraisers , posted April 25, 2013, in the HuffPost Impact, the blogger shares his charitable organization’s story of the successful cultivation of one patron into becoming a major fundraiser/supporter using social media to raise funds for the organization. The blog gives helpful tips for effectively using social media for fundraising.

Although social media and online giving are making an impact in the fundraising industry, development professionals still need to cultivate relationships with their donors/friends to maximize their fundraising potentials. The April 18 blog Several things that make great development directors in Future Fundraising Now gives a list of things of which effective fundraising professionals are aware.

As we steadily move toward social media and online giving, we also need to examine IRS rules governing online giving. In a recent Information Letter , the IRS has provided some clarification for what nonprofits are required to do to be in compliance while collecting online contributions. 

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