Tree Planting Help Needed

Summer is finally here and it's time to get in shape, the environment back in shape that is.
 Join the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) Monday, June 24 and Thursday, June 27 from  9 am - 12 pm to plant trees in the effort to repair riparian flood damaged zones along Amity Creek.  Reiparian zones are ecosystems, usually narrow strips of land, located along the banks of rivers, streams, creeks or any water network.  They include many plant habitats and communities that play a major role in protecting water quality, enhance wildlife habitats, providing natural bio filters and protection from erosion and surface runoff.

Volunteers ages 10 and up are welcome.  Please bring water bottles and gloves if you have them.

June 24 - Meet at the first bridge of Seven Bridges Road located in eastern Duluth, on the east side of the Lester River.

June 27 - Meet at the top most portion of Seven Bridges Road, located at the far end of Skyline Parkway on the easternmost portion of Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve.

For more information on the day of the event, contact Judy Gibbs at 218-391-0886.

Additional Contact:

George Host   218-720-4264

For more information: