Rocket Tips-Bret's Two Cents

Bret's Two Cents

Rocket Assembly Tips​


Hey guys,

Just FYI the rockets require an exacto blade to cut the fins out of the balsa wood, scissors to cut out the stencil for the fins, yellow and back paint (if you paint it the way the instructions say to), and glue.  There is some drying time for the glue and the paint, so don't think you can put it together hours before a boy talk, it will not impress anyone.  Just FYI.




Glue update, you can use super glue to attach fins and the straw guide and then wait for an hour to paint.  This way it is possible to build one the night before without waiting too long for drying.  

I will caution though that first you should just put a little on the place where the fins attach, let it sit for a few and then put a bead of glue on each side of the fin, not too much though as super glue tends to run a bit.  Let it dry for an hour then paint!

Just my recommendation