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Bob’s Blog: Scouting Continues to Shine All Over the World


One of the honors that comes with being Chief Scout Executive is to represent the Boy Scouts of America at the annual World Scout FoundationExternal Link Baden-Powell Fellowship gathering, and it has always been a proud moment for me to assume this role.

This year’s event was in Madrid, and I was so inspired by the energy from Scouting units around the world. In particular, I was very proud of how Scouts and leaders from different countries and cultures all shared common enthusiasm for the BSA. They displayed tremendous respect for how BSA leadership has made significant contributions over the past few years to help encourage change and shape the future of World Scouting.

I was also struck by how the Messengers for PeaceExternal Link community service program is really getting traction around the world. It’s exciting to see leaders of global Scouting organizations come together in the spirit of this worldwide initiative, and the projects they’ve conceived. I was so encouraged to witness how they were all of one mind about the possibilities this program offers to young people around the world and the communities they serve.

For me, the Messengers of Peace program offers the BSA another opportunity for leadership with a global purpose. By embracing this project, we can put our strength behind it and move it forward in a way that will be sustainable and send the message that we, too, think this is a pretty cool idea.

For Nanette and me, this was our “swan song” for World Scouting—our final international activity. I am pleased to report that World Scouting is doing well. I will always fondly remember working with fellow leaders from around the world to set the table for Scouting’s future. It will be exciting to watch those seeds of progress continue to grow and benefit our young people, no matter where they live, what beliefs they follow, or what language they speak.

I urge those of you interested in taking an active role in World Scouting to step forward. There’s no better way to influence our global future than to take what you’ve learned through the BSA and share it with other leaders beyond our shores.


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